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Fax from Internet options are improving with broadband speeds and Internet companies that recognize its importance. Whether we like it or not, faxes are still a major part of our lives. There are two problems with that, however. With the propensity of broadband Internet and cell phones, fewer and fewer of us have physical telephone landlines in our homes these days. If we want a traditional fax machine, we need to spend extra money on the fax machine itself (machine, toner, parts, paper) as well as a landline with a dedicated phone number. Having a fax machine in your home office can seriously cut into your profits. fax on Internet services can help. An online fax service reduces the costs, while making it more convenient to send and receive faxes.

Fax From Internet Services

There are a lot of companies that perform fax from Internet services. Most have a monthly fee, a setup fee and other fees. But they still wind up being considerably cheaper than owning and maintaining your own fax machine in your home. We have chosen three fax on Internet services based on reputation, price and functionality. They were also chosen because all of them have a free trial period.

Fax From Internet

eXtremeFaxeXtremeFax is a great fax from Internet service that has a 500 and 1200 monthly page plans. The 500 plan begins at only $3.99 per month and charges 4.9 cents per page above that. Based on the quantity of business you do, this is a very inexpensive fax solution. You can send and receive faxes via email, preview and print faxes and create custom cover sheets. Simply set eXtremeFax as your printer and print to it and the fax will be sent.

Online Fax Plans:

500 at $3.99 per month (4.9 cents each after that)

1200 at $14.99 per month (2.9 cents each after)


Fax From Internet

OneSuite – OneSuite has a very low monthly fee and offers a pay as you go approach. Your bill each month can be extremely cheap if you do not fax a lot. They have a basic plan that is even cheaper but lacks a lot of the features the Plus service offers.

Fax On Internet Plans:

OneSuite Fax Basic is $1.00 a month @ 2.5 cents a fax.

Onsuite Fax Plus is $2.95 per month @ 2.5 cents a fax.

The Plus plan offers a lot more features and is a no-brainer when making your choice between the two fax plans. Read here for a comparison of fax features and pricing.


Fax From Internet

Send2Fax – Send2Fax gives you a free toll free number in addition to their Internet fax service. Pretty simple to use, just email your fax to them and they fax it off.

Online Fax Plans:

150 page plan is $8.95 ( .12 cents each after that).

350 page plan is $12.95 ( .12 cents each after that).

In conclusion, we will probably always need to send and receive faxes to some degree. But the costs associated with buying and maintaining your own fax machine is a thing of the past with fax on Internet services that provide fax from Internet service at low monthly rates. Read our other productivity tips.

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