Use QR Code Readers On Your Smartphone

qr code reader

Do you use a QR code reader on your smartphone? If not, you should consider trying it. You’ve seen them on advertisements, menus, in magazines, and in other places where they might be seen and captured by people on the go. QR, or Quick Response, codes are similar to the bar codes you might find on merchandise in any store. These codes, however, are utilized differently. If you use a QR reading app on your portable device, you can aim it at these codes and immediately be taken to an Internet destination that could reveal more about the product. While these types of codes have been around for years, the explosion of smartphones have transformed them into a method for social marketing.

Benefits Of Using QR Code Readers

Whether or not you ever anticipate using a QR reader on your smartphone, you should consider installing it in case you ever come across one that seems compelling. We’ll list links to a few at the bottom of this article. QR readers might be part of a promotion that could give you a discount on services, or they might be used to store addresses and other contact information for companies. Having an app for a QR reader is prudent in the social media world in which we live.

qr code reader

We created this QR Code from a QR Code generator site. Use it to go to our Newsletter page and sign-up for exclusive tech tips delivered right to your email box. Simply install a QR reader, launch the app, and then point your smartphone’s camera at the screen. When the code is read, you’ll be taken to a different page on our site.

Download QR Code Reader Apps

You can download QR code readers for your portable device. Here are a few for the various smartphone platforms. Or you can visit your device’s respective app store to find your own. Each platform will have many to choose from.

iPhone QR Code reader

Android QR Code reader

Blackberry QR Code reader

If you have links to other QR Code readers, let us know. Or if you have questions, please feel free to join our forums and ask.

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