BeON Home Security Bulb

The BeON home security bulb is one of those products that delivers tremendous value through automation, security and functionality without a complicated or pricey setup.

BeON Home Security Bulb Features

The BeON Bulb has several great features:

Bluetooth connectivity – Allows you to control your bulbs with your smartphone. No central hub required.

Emergency lighting – If the power goes out, the bulbs come on and can provide up to 4 hours of emergency lighting. The BeON bulbs have a built-in rechargeable backup battery.

Learning bulb – The bulbs learn your habits and remember them, so if you are away, they turn themselves on as if someone were home.

Activate when alarms sound – The BeON bulb can be trained to turn on in the event of a security alarm or fire alarm activation.

Light fade feature – You can set the bulb to gradually fade to black when you turn it off, giving yourself time to exit the room or get situated before being caught in total darkness.

Easy to install – All you have to do to setup the system is insert the orange module into the bulb, screw it into a light fixture, and then bring it up on the app you installed on your smartphone.  Name each bulb for whatever room you are using in it.

beOn security bulb

The BeON bulb learns what time of day you turn on the lights, and mimics this behavior when you are away on vacation. It can also be trained to listed to the doorbell and turn on lights if the doorbell rings.

Aside from the added security the BeON bulbs provide, they are a great asset when there is a power loss. Since they provide nearly five hours of emergency light, it gives you plenty of time to react to an outage.

An app is available for your tablet or smartphone. The app gives you total control of the bulbs, but a key chain fob is also available providing you quick access to the lights before you enter the house.


The BeON security bulb is a great addition to your home. Read more about the BeON bulb system here.