Universal Hard Drive Docking Station

Having a universal docking station is essential if you want to backup files from one drive to another, image a drive or clone your existing system. This type of dock should be an essential part of any professional’s or computer enthusiast’s tool box.

StarTech Universal Hard Drive Docking Station
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The StarTech Universal Hard Drive Docking Station is a must have for techs or those who have several loose hard drives they need to access.

The Startech Universal Hard Drive Dock allows you to interface with 2.5 and 3.5 SATA drives, as well as older IDE drives and then connect them to your computer using your blazing fast USB 3 port.

startech universal hard drive dock

This type of hard drive dock is great if you want to have a permanent solution that sits on your desk. You can use it to easily access various form factors and transfer these files back and forth to your computer over USB. There is nothing to install, just plug the dock into your computer and then pop in a hard drive. The drive will should up in your computer as any other external hard drive.

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David is a tech professional with over fifteen years of experience in the IT fields of hardware, software and system administration.

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