Antivirus Removal Tools

antivirus removal tools

Special antivirus removal tools are often necessary to remove an antivirus program from your computer. Otherwise, malware could easily uninstall or disable it. So why would you need to uninstall an antivirus, anyway? Well, often times, an antivirus program comes pre-installed on your computer. When the trial expires, you will either need to pay to continue receiving updates, or remove and install a different antivirus program. Or you may simply feel the protection you are getting from your antivirus program isn’t sufficient.

Use these antivirus removal tools and techniques to safely remove an antivirus program from your computer prior to installing a new one. Never run two antiviruses programs at the same time. Some of these solutions will be actual removal programs, and some will be descriptive techniques on how to manually remove the files necessary to rid your computer of the antivirus program. If you have information on additional tools, please let us know.

Antivirus Removal Tools

Uninstall aVast!

Uninstall AVG

Uninstall BitDefender

Uninstall Comodo Internet Security

Uninstall Cyber Defender Early Detection Center

Uninstall ESET

Uninstall F-Secure

Uninstall G Data

Uninstall Kaspersky

Uninstall LavaSoft

Uninstall McAfee

Uninstall Norman Virus Control/Norman Security Suite

Uninstall Panda

Uninstall Sophos

Uninstall Symantec (Norton)

Uninstall Trend Micro

Uninstall Webroot

Uninstall Windows Live OneCare

Uninstall Windows Security Essentials

Uninstall Zone Alarm

Other Antivirus Removal Tools

Hopefully, you have just found the tools necessary to wipe your computer of your current security program so you can begin using your new one. If you require additional antivirus removal tools, be sure and join our forums and ask. While these are some of the more common antivirus programs on the market, they certainly are not all of them. Remember, use antivirus removal tools like these to get rid of any trace of antivirus on your computer, then be sure and immediately install and update a new antivirus program. If you need recommendations for free software, ask in our forums.

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