Automatically Delete Browsing History in IE and Firefox

You should automatically delete browsing history in IE and other browsers. Internet privacy is important. There are steps you can take to conceal your tracks in IE and Firefox so others can’t easily see the sites you have been visiting. There are two ways to protect your privacy online: The first is by controlling third-party cookies. The second is by controlling how your browser history is stored. All modern browsers will have ways to automatically delete your browsing history. Internet Explorer and Firefox, for example, give you many different ways to browse privately by not storing cookies in special browsing sessions, or by removing your browser history when you shut down the browser.

Private Browsing

In Internet Explorer, you can use their InPrivate browsing option, which allows you to surf the Web without saving cookies or your History. To access InPrivate browsing, either hit CTRL+Shift+P or just open IE and click the Safety option in the menu. You will see a link for InPrivate browsing. Once you click that, a new Window will open and you will see the InPrivate icon located to the left of the address bar. To exit InPrivate browsing, simply close the Window. In Firefox, you can enter private browsing mode by also hitting CTRL+Shift+P or by navigating to Tools, then Start Private Browsing.

Quick Steps To Automatically Delete Browsing History In IE

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click the General tab
  3. Check the box that says “Delete browsing history on exit.”

Delete Browsing History in IE

You can automatically delete browsing history in IE by going to Tools, Internet Options and under the General tab, tick the box that says “delete browsing history on exit.” This will clear your web browsing history each time you close out of Internet Explorer.

In addition, you can click the Delete button in the picture above to select exactly what you want to delete from your history upon exiting IE. For example, you may not want to remove passwords to websites, but you may want to remove cookies, temporary files and history.

If you use Firefox, you can also have your history automatically deleted by going to Tools, then Options, then click on the Privacy tab. You will drop-down options for how Firefox handles your history. Where it says “Firefox will:” select “Never remember history” and each time you close out, your history will be deleted.

Delete Browsing History in IE At Workplace

Properly managing your history is important, especially at the workplace or if you have a laptop that could be lost. Before you delete your history, be sure to write down any website you frequent because if you are removing them from your history, you probably do not have them bookmarked, either.

Web browsers frequent change. If you have a questions on how to delete browsing history in IE or any other browser, join our free forums and ask.

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