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Free online virus scanner sites are great for getting a second opinion on your computer’s security. Not all antivirus programs are created equal. While the antivirus you run on your home PC might never detect anything when it scans, it doesn’t mean you’re not infected. Not all companies update their virus definitions at the same time. So it’s possible one company may have the most current and accurate virus definitions, while the one you use does not. Likewise, your antivirus may catch malware the others do not. So it’s good to get a second opinion. With that said, you should never install two antivirus programs on a computer, as they will conflict and likely slow your system down. Use one of the website below to scan your computer from the Internet.

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Free Online Virus Scanner Sites

There are several companies that provide free online virus scanning. You will have the best luck launching these from Internet Explorer. If you suspect malware has compromised the anti-virus program installed on your PC, these may help.

Eset Online Virus Scanner — From the company that makes the reliable NOD32 antivirus, Eset has a fast and easy online virus scanner.

Housecall – Trend Micro has been offering this free malware scanner online for several years.

Panda – Panda has been considered a leader in the industry for many years. They also offer an online detection and removal tool for viruses.

Online Virus Scanner Flaws

No matter which of the above you use, understand that these scanners do not prevent you from getting viruses. They are for detection after-the-fact. Make sure you keep Windows up to date and have a current antivirus running on your PC that provides real-time protection. For more tips on how use an online virus scanner to keep your PC safe and remove infections, be sure to visit our free computer repair forums for additional help.

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