Getting Started With LastPass

LastPass is a password manager program that stores and encrypts your passwords on your favorite devices, such as your computer, tablet and smartphone. LastPass is convenient, as it auto-fills your passwords when you login to websites. More importantly, it allows you to create ridiculously difficult passwords that you do not need to remember, making your online accounts more secure.

What Does LastPass Do

LastPass has many features, including password management, form manager, and security audits. We recommend this application for those that want the convenience of easy logins with the security of highly complex passwords. Once you sign-up for a free account, you will be able to sign and begin using it immediately on your computer.

Once you sign up for a LastPass account, you will download their application and install it.

lastpass password manager

During the install process, LastPass will add itself as a plug-in to all of your web browsers.

password manager

LastPass will then scan your computer for unsecured data–logins to websites already stored on your computer–and import them into LastPass.


LastPass will then ask you if you want to remove these insecure logins from your computer (which is recommended).

You can then begin creating secure passwords each time you create an account online using the LastPass secure password generator.

secure password generator

When you go to create a new account, click the LastPass icon in your toolbar and then select Generate Secure Password. LastPass will randomly create a very secure password you can then use to sign up for a new account. This password will be stored in your LastPass vault so you do not need to remember it.

With LastPass, all you need to remember is your master password–so be sure to make that password very secure and do not forget it.

What Else Does LastPass Do

In addition to managing your secure logins, LastPass allows you to create forms that can auto-fill your name, address, credit card information, etc. You can use this feature to automatically fill in these details when purchasing things online.

LastPass can also run routine security checks. LastPass will scan the email addresses you use to see if they have been involved in any online hacks. For instance, if a website you’ve used in the past has been hacked, your email address may have been exposed during that breach. LastPass will let you know which of these sites have been hacked so you can return to those sites and change your password.

Detailed results of this scan will also tell you how many website you use the same password on, how weak your password strength is, and will also provide you with an overall security score. Use these results of the security check to tweak your passwords and improve your overall web security score.

Get LastPass for all of your gadgets

LastPass apps are available to all members that have a Premium account. The price for the premium account is currently $1 per month, billed annually. While the program is free for your computer, we highly recommend upgrading to the Premium account so you can use LastPass on your mobile devices.

Is LastPass Right For You

If you’re that person using the same password for every site, or if your password can be cracked in seconds (test your password here), then LastPass is definitely recommended for you. As an example, a common password I use for many sites was crackable in 19 seconds. My difficult LastPass password would take 71 quadrillion years to crack using brute force methods.

For more information on LastPass, watch this video:

If you use LastPass as your password manager, let us know what you think below.

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