Remove Multiple Antivirus Programs Installed

remove norton antivirus

If you have multiple antivirus programs installed you are probably experiencing extreme computer slow-down or other performance issues as these programs consume system resources and battle each other. You’ll usually notice this immediately following the installation of a new antivirus package. If your computer’s hard drive is constantly working, and if you find any task you perform takes forever to load or complete, chances are you have multiple antivirus products installed. How does this happen? Quite often, either your computer shipped with a trial version of an antivirus program without your knowledge and you installed another. Or you could have tried to uninstall a trial version and the uninstall process failed.

How To Uninstall Antivirus Programs

For obvious reasons, it’s difficult to remove an antivirus program. Viruses would do it all the time if it were easy. If you tried to remove an antivirus program through the Add / Remove Programs option in the Control Panel and it failed, then you will need to search for removal instructions or removal tools for your particular program. McAfee and Norton are the two most commonly antivirus programs that ship with major brand name PCs such as Dell or HP. We’ve listed their official removal instructions below:

Removal Instructions For McAfee Antivirus

Removal Instructions For Norton Antivirus

remove norton antivirus

Once you remove one antivirus program you can install a new one following a reboot. There are a lot of free alternatives to Norton and McAfee, such as Microsoft’s Security Essentials, AVG and avast!. No matter which you choose, you must install an antivirus program on your computer immediately following removing the first. If you do not have an antivirus program running and kept up to date, your system could be vulnerable to malware attacks.

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