How To Use Hitman Pro Anti-malware

This is an overview and tutorial of Hitman Pro.HMP is one of the easiest and most effective (free for 30 days) malware/virus scanners. For the average computer user it can be an invaluable tool, identifying most of the virus’ and malware one is likely to be infected with.Those that it can’t identify it will almost always define as suspicious, so one can at least research or check the file/executable out.

First to obtain Hitman Pro strait from SurfRight; get HitmanPro here where the user manual and brochure are also available for download.

There is both 32 bit and 64 bit so be sure to download the appropriate one for your OS version.Microsoft support on determining if you have 32 or 64 bit Windows; which is as easy as right clicking on the computer icon choosing properties and reading the system information window.

Hitman Pro can be executed from a booted windows system with an internet connection, where it will use the scan cloud to analyze files.It can also be run in second option mode without an internet connection present or one that is blocked. For systems that are completely compromised by an infection one can use HMP.kickstart which is a bootable version of the Hitman Pro scanner. HMP.K is exactly the same as Hitman Pro except it a bootable CD/DVD or USB must be created with it. When booting from HMP.K you’ll get three options for booting the system, always try in numbered order 1, 2, and 3. Which option will work is mostly dependent on your OS age and a few other factors that we won’t cover here.

hitman pro malware remover

Once Hitman Pro has loaded you are greeted with the window above. For advanced users or those that have specific methods (such as a proxy) to connect to the internet, the settings button will present you will all of HMP’s options and connections properties. For those users whose internet connection is blocked or not available Hitman Pro has what it calls the second opinion scan that is behavioral. The cloud offers a more comprehensive identification, partnered with Bitdefender, Emisoft and Kapersky really give HMP an edge on some other scanners. Even for the advanced user there’s no need to adjust any of HMP’s settings unless you need to set proxy options or have something specific you want to accomplish other than catching everything HMP can find. One thing of note in the setting area is the history tab which is just like any other scanners history section, the place where HMP will list past identified files / executables etc, from previous scans one may have run.

Simply clicking next, accepting the terms and answering a couple quick questions/options will begin the scanning and identification process which runs completely runs through in around 5-10 minutes depending on how much information is present on the drive.

hitman pro antivirus

During the scanning process one can see tracking cookies, malware, adware and other suspicious files present right away. As files are found Hitman Pro will upload unknowns and suspicious files to the cloud for identification. The file name, location and type along with the recommended default action are all present for your inspection. Clicking next to the default action will give you the option to Ignore, Delete, or Quarantine (where appropriate). Apply to all is also available, but only when all of the default actions aren’t already the same. I find Hitman Pro rarely has false positives, but the option to ignore is important just in case. For most of us deleting everything will be desired. If you are not sure if one identified is a false positive or not, Quarantine is a good option. Hitman Pro will lock out the file from execution while quarantined and you’ll have the ability to delete it or remove it from the quarantine once you’ve determined the appropriate action.

hitman pro
Once the scan completes you only need to double check the actions on listed files then click next to begin the removal / quarantine process. This being my home machine I simply don’t have anything but tracking cookies to show for examples. However infected machines will show a red border instead of blue. Once removal is complete you can see the results window that will show you the actions taken on each of the files listed. Below the window gives you a quick overview of active/identified threats and traces. Traces are remnants of malware no longer active or cookies like in this example.

virus scan

Another click of the next button gives you a further overview of the process and the scan time. As with most products you’ve got the buy now button present at all times should you want to purchase the software for unlimited or even one time use. HMP will operate fully, free for 30 days from the first removal it completes. After which you must purchase the software or you are unable to complete any more removals.

HMP has some real advantages over other scanners, and it’s detection and removal abilities are one of the best available right now. HMP will update itself after execution if it’s not the most current version (provided you are connected to the internet). This ensures you have the most up to date version and the best chance of detection and removal. Don’t forget the second opinion scan if your internet connection is blocked. HMP.K will kill known virus processes upon boot; tricky malwares that block your connection or lock out the task manager will be disabled, so infections like the FBI virus and other ransomware that lock you out on start-up are easily defeated with the bootable version of HMP (hitmanpro.kickstart .

I hope this quick introduction to HMP will cause you to add it to your arsenal, or for the home user download it and keep it on a USB for the unexpected mishap. As always if you think your infected and don’t know what to do you can always start a thread, and myself and others that donate time will be happy to help you out. There are always those viruses that automated scanners can’t catch or remove. They often require multiple scans or products to catch, sometimes even advanced manual removal methods. Advanced methods can be complicated and one can really do more harm than good without the proper knowledge or experience in dealing with them. Backing up your personal data is always a good idea before attempting any removal procedures as the unexpected is always lurking after the next click. There is no one do it all tool, but HMP really gives the average user a fighting chance against modern malware.

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  1. Hi Steve,

    I assume by compare you mean detection and removal comparison? Very good, I always use more than one scanner, MBAM has the ability to choose where you scan or a full scan, hitmanpro does not. So there are places where MBAM can look that hitman does not.
    Using both would be better than only one.

  2. From what I have read and understand, the new ransomware, called CryptoLocker, has been aimed primarily to Mac users and Apple although I am sure it is only a matter of time before it will be used in Windows applications as well. I have several security applications that I use regularly but plan on downloading Hitman Pro right away.

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