Microsoft has recently released the Microsoft Security Essentials software for Windows. It’s a great antivirus and malware prevention package that works in real-time to keep your XP, Vista and Windows 7 PC clean. But are technicians prepared to make the leap from other popular free programs such as AVG and aVast? Because many end-users are still running with no antivirus or a free trial version that had expired long ago, technicians must encourage their clients, family and friends to chose a free alternative. Before Microsoft Security Essentials arrived this fall, techs on message boards, blogs and websites across the Internet have touted AVG and others because they realize free protection is better than no protection at all.

Microsoft Security EssentialsSo does an antivirus solution released by Microsoft have any real clout? It will probably take several months to see if Security Essentials is reliable enough for technicians to recommend it to people who put their trust in them. It can be argued that Microsoft knows their Operating System inside and out and can potentially do a better job that any free or commercial malware solution.

Either way, it’s good to see Microsoft is being proactive about Windows security. It’s responsible of them to have this available for users who do not want to spend extra money to keep themselves safe online. As technicians begin to use Microsoft Security Essentials, it could become their first choice when building a new system or repairing a client’s infested PC.

If you’re interested in trying Microsoft Security Essentials, be sure to download it from the Microsoft website.