Windows Defender Offline

Removing malware from a computer can be a tedious chore. One of the most difficult parts of this process is removing viruses that have already disabled your antivirus program or are preventing you from running system restore and other utilities that can help remove the infection. These viruses are loaded into memory and able to thwart your progress. Running a bootable program like Windows Defender Offline catches these viruses before they have a chance to load and enables you to remove them by running a scan of your system.

Create Your Defender Disk

In order to use Windows Defender Offline, you have to download it and put the program on a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive. Download Windows Defender Offline and either save it or run it when asked. You have the option to download either the 64-bit version or the 32-bit version. If you’re not sure which version of Windows you are running, do the following:

For Computers running Windows XP

Click Start, and then right-click My Computer and click Properties. If “x64 Edition” is listed under System, you’re running the 64-bit version of Windows XP. If you don’t see “x64 Edition” listed under System, you’re running the 32-bit version. The edition of Windows XP you’re running is displayed under System near the top of the window.

Computers running Windows Vista or Windows 7

Click the Start button, and then right-click Computer and click Properties. If “64-bit Operating System” is listed next to System type, you’re running the 64-bit version of Windows Vista or Windows 7. If “32-bit Operating System” is listed next to System type, you’re running the 32-bit version of Windows Vista or Windows 7.The edition of Windows Vista or Windows 7 you’re running is displayed under Windows edition near the top of the window.

You wil be asked what media you want to burn the program to. When done, restart the computer with the media inserted.

Note: If booting from CD or DVD watch for a screen that instructs you to Press any key to boot to CD. If you installed this on a USB stick, you might have to enter the BIOS setup and set USB as your first boot device.

The program will launch and then proceed to run a scan. The scan can take a while depending on your setup. If anything is found, you can remove the viruses (recommended) or keep it in quarantine.

Windows Defender Offline program

Windows Defender Offline can help you remove hard to find malicious programs using definitions that recognize threats. Having the latest definitions is essential. You should download the program again each time you plan on scanning the computer. When the disk creation Wizard runs, it will update the definitions and be on the new disk when you run the scan.

Windows Defender Offline Concluded

Windows Defender Offline replaces a program called Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper, which we reported on a few months back. The concept is the same: remove malware before it can load into memory. This is an extremely important tool to have at your disposal. Write down the URL:, bookmark it,or search for Windows Defender Offline when you’re ready to create the bootable media. You should also create this disk from a different computer if you suspect your PC is infected.  Otherwise, malware could prevent your PC from either downloading the program or burning it to bootable media.

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