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batch image converter

You can batch convert photos with a great little program called Photo Magician. The program has several great features that allows you to re-size images through present sizes or percentages. You can even create your own presets. Batch processing images is important. Digital cameras can hold hundreds of photos, all of which have very high resolutions and aren’t practical for everyday tasks like emailing or uploading to a website. Photo Magic allows you to reduce these images to a smaller size that’s easier to manage.

Install Photo Magic

You can find Photo Magic on the developers website here. It’s a free program that opens as a .exe file. Clicking the file will install the program. Once you install it, you can begin using it right away. All you need to do is tell the program where to get the files and then where to put them. We recommend creating two new folder you’ll work out of. You can call them “In” and “Out” or whatever you want.

batch convert photos

Once you select the in and out folders, you need to decide if you want to change the size based on one of their presets or reduce it based on a percentage. If you know you want the photos to all be a specific width, you can select the size and tell it to maintain the aspect ration so the image does not become distorted.

You can also convert these images to a different format. So if they’re JPGs you can save them as a GIF, BMP, PNG or TIFF if you so desire.

batch image converterThey also have a Quick Convert Mode which is handy for on the fly converting. It places a smaller version of the program on the Desktop, allowing you to drag and drop images onto it to begin processing.

It will use the same output folder you specified originally or you can change it through Quick Connect Mode.

Photo Magic is one of those types of programs that should be included in any Operating System and is a must have for web-friendly photos.

So be sure to visit the developer’s website and download Photo Magician and begin batch converting your images today.

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