Free Folder Synchronization Software

syncSyncToy is free folder synchronization software that allows you to effortlessly keep all of your data up to date with a single push of the button. In the day of thumb drives, external hard drives and other portable devices, this type of software should be built into any Operating System. At least Microsoft is offering it as a free download. Once installed, SyncToy allows you to create Folder Pairs, which are two folders that SyncToy will keep synced. So, for example, if you have an external drive you take to work each day, you can map it as a network drive and select a folder on your computer to sync with it.

How To Configure Your Folder Synchronization Software

Once the folders are setup, all you have to do is push a button and the synchronization begins. SyncToy will place a hidden configuration file in each location that you must not delete. There are three modes you can use to configure how you sync the folders:

Synchronize: Synchronize copies changes in both directions. This is what most people will use, as this makes sure all of the data is the same in both locations.

Echo: Echo copies changes one way only from left to right. Any changes made to the folder you designate as the LEFT folder will be made to the RIGHT folder.

Contribute: Contribute mode copies changes one way just as Echo does, except files that are renamed are copied to the destination drive without deleting the previous versions.

folder synchronization software

SyncToy is not as automatic as it should be. Microsoft has other options like Live Mesh, that tracks changes in folders and keeps files synced without any action on the user’s part. But for those looking for an easy to use utility to keep files in order, SyncToy is for you. We would like to see something like this built into Windows in the future, as mobile devices are becoming more common, but for now SynToy is free and easy to install folder synchronization software.

Download SyncToy 2.1 and begin using this powerful free folder synchronization software to keep your files backed-up. If you have any questions about setting up SyncToy, join our free computer repair message boards and ask!

Learn how to schedule your folder synchronization software with this helpful SyncToy Task Scheduler guide.

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