Use GlassWire Network Monitor To Visualize Your Traffic

glasswire network monitor

If you were ever curious about which applications or devices in your home were using the most network bandwidth, check out GlassWire’s network monitoring program. This free tool helps you visualize your current and past network activity by application and geographic location, and it displays all of this information to you on a colorful graph. You can even go back in time up to 30 days and see what your computer was doing over that time period. Network traffic is also displayed in real time, so you can watch the activity scroll past as you use your computer.

Download Network Monitoring Software

Visit GlassWire to download the network monitoring utility. Once you download the software, it will immediately begin watching the traffic going back and forth over your network.

glasswire network monitor

GlassWire also reveals hosts that are known threats and unusual application changes, and then alerts you to the problem so you can investigate. It also has a built in firewall that reveals all your network activity so you can see what your computer is doing behind the scenes. The firewall displays current and past servers your computer is communicating with so you can spot potential threats and block them, if necessary.


Because it tracks network activity while you are away from your PC, you will be able to see what your computer was doing while it should have been sitting idle. All you have to do is go back in time and see exactly what happened in detail.

If your Internet Service Provider regulates your monthly bandwith, GlassWire can help you stay under that limit by alerting you to possible Internet overages. It will also show you precisely which device and apps are using up all of that precious bandwidth. Just look under the Usage tab for a long list of devices on your network and the amount of bandwidth they have been using.

Network monitoring tools, such as this one by GlassWire, help the casual user see what is happening in their networks. With this tool, it’s not necessary to go though confusing router logs to see where potential problems lie. All of that information is available in a clean, colorful graph for your viewing pleasure.

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