Free Non-Destructive Hard Drive Partition Utility

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Easeus has a free Non-Destructive Hard Drive Partition Utility called Partition Master 5.8.1 Home Edition. It is currently available for all modern versions of Windows with the exception of 64-bit Windows 7. In an era were hard drives are so inexpensive and large, there isn’t normally a need to resize partitions. If you need anther partition, why not just by another drive or network attached storage device. But if there ever is the occasion to organize and resize your hard drive partition, this is a great free option from a company that knows hard drives.

Non-Destructive Hard Drive Partition Utility

So what does Partition Master do? It can be used to extend the system partition to optimize performance, contains a partition recovery wizard to perform disaster recovery, and also has a copy wizard if you need to move the entire partition to another partition without having to reinstall Windows. It can be used to split a larger partition into multiple smaller ones, and even merge two partitions into a single, larger partition.

Non-Destructive Hard Drive Partition Utility

Is It Safe To Use A Non-Destructive Hard Drive Partition Utility

Is it safe to use a non-destructive hard drive partitioning utility? Yes, but there are dangers involved. It is possible to render the disk non-bootable if something goes wrong during the process, such as a power failure. If you want to partition a disk, the most prudent way to do this would be to remove the data, partition the drive, then reinstall Windows.

Even if you never use the Easeus non-destructive hard drive partition utility , this is one of those programs you should have on a disk in your computer repair toolkit. Remember, as with a hard drive partition tool such as this or Partition Magic, you must backup your data in case there is a problem and the system partition is lost. It’s also not a bad idea to do a disk cleanup and defrag prior to running any partitioning tool. You can download Partition Master 5.8.1 Home Edition here.

If you have questions about manually partitioning your drive or using a Non-Destructive Hard Drive Partition Utility, be sure to join our free forums and ask.

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