Hard drive tools are available to download for your computer. Western Digital, Maxtor, Seagate and other manufacturers have made it easy to copy your hard drive to a new retail drive with boot disks either shipped with the hdd or downloaded via their website. But a lot of computer users do not realize the benefits of having these disks on hand in the event of an emergency.  These small files could save you when things go bad.

hard drive toolsMajor Brand Hard Drive Tools

Western Digital Hard Drive Utility

Western Digital provides a hard disk utility called Data Lifeguard.  The Data Lifeguard program allows users to setup and copy data to their new hard disk.  I can perform repairs, diagnostics and identification on WD hard drives via a program you download and write to floppy.  Get it here.

Maxtor Hard Drive Utility

MaxBlast is Maxtor’s hard disk utility. MaxBlast 4 is a ATA/IDE hard drive installation utility that makes hdd installations and upgrades easy for beginners and pros alike.  It can automatically identify, partitioning, and format Maxtor ATA or SATA hard drives.
Get it here.

Seagate Hard Drive Utility

Seagate uses SeaTools Desktop Edition to diagnose and repair hard disk problems.  This program is made into a bootable floppy or .iso and used to repair Seagate hdd issues.
Get it here.

Hard Drive Tools Conclusion

No matter which hard drive you own, manufacturers provide these useful hard drive tools to help the end-user perform minor repairs on their hardware. Probably their most important feature is copying the contents of one hard drive to another.  While there are third-party solutions for this, it’s nice that the manufacturer helps make this experience pleasant and efficient. If you need help finding other hard drive tools, read more of our hardware tutorials.