Soluto Anti-Frustration Software

soluto anti-frustration software

Soluto is the anti-frustration software every PC needs. This very web 2.0-looking program is completely free. It can be used to help you get to know your computer a little better, while at the same time reducing boot-up times and making sure your system has all available updates. If your PC is running slow, Soluto will tell you if an app is being hoggish with resources or if there’s some type of hardware issue you need to address.

soluto anti-frustration software

You can start by downloading the program at It’s free for up to 5 PCs.

Watch this short video to get a better understanding of what Soluto is and how it can help you be less frustrated with your computer.

installing soluto

Soluto is pretty straight-forward to install. Give them a name, email address and password and you can download the software and install it in a couple of minutes.

soluto restore point

Soluto will run an initial scan to gather some details about your computer, such as hardware specs, update versions and other important details that can lead to computer frustration.

soluto analysis

It then provides you with a unique look at the innards of your PC, displaying its hardware specs. You can click on each of these to expand its details to reveal things like computer temperature, hard drive capacity and graphics card information.

soluto updates

Soluto will also display Apps that need updating. Many viruses take advantage of exploits in third-party apps and making sure they’re up to date will help improve your computer’s security.

safely remove startup programs

But improving boot times is the real benefit of Soluto. Notice the top bar in the image above. This shows that this computer has seven background apps running that are absolutely safe to remove from start-up.

apps that can be removed from startup

When we expand that section, we see exactly what apps are running and the recommendation they provide. For instance, instead of removing it, you can delay a program from loading until after Windows has booted up and is idle. The best part is, you can pause (stop a program from loading at boot) or delay the program from launching directly from within Soluto. If you don’t like the changes you’ve made, expand the blue “Removed” panel and put things back the way they were. There’s no need to enter the dubious realm of msconfig to prevent a program from running each time your PC boots.

Another cool feature is you can install this on other people’s computers and tie it in with your dashboard. For example, if your mother has a PC and you’re her tech support person, you can view her computer’s information right from your dashboard miles away. You can install updates or see what other issues might be plaguing her computer. All it takes is an email invite and she’s ready to install the software on her PC.

This is really a fun and powerful tool for a PC user. If you want to lessen the frustration your computer is causing you, try Soluto and let us know what you think.

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