The Best System Cleaner For Your Computer

the best registry cleaner

The Comodo System Cleaner is a great free utility to help clean the registry and optimize your computer. Comodo combines registry cleaning with privacy and disk cleaning utilities to help rid your computer of duplicate files and optimize it for speed. The best part of the Comodo System Cleaner is that you can run those three cleaning utilities independently, so if you just want to clean your computer’s disk, you do not have to sit through a lengthily scan. As with most other cleaners, it also produces a backup of the original, so if there is an issue you can quickly and easily revert back without permanently damaging your computer.

the best registry cleaner

We consider the Comodo System Cleaner to be the best, as it has a crisp user interface and a multitude of settings that allows you to tweak your browser for privacy and easily view information about the hardware and software you have running on your computer.

Download the Comodo System Cleaner here and let us know what you think. We’re especially interested to hear how you think this stacks up against CCleaner. So give it a try. Reminder: as with any new software (especially registry cleaners) take a moment to create a system restore point before the first scan.

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