Use Program Updater Secunia To Plug Security Holes

Everyone knows viruses and other types of malware are a huge threat to our computers. That’s why we religiously run Windows Update and have up to date virus software. We’re careful not to open attachments in Emails and we have secure passwords. We’re protected, right? Not necessarily.

When was the last time you audited the programs running on your computer? How out of date are they? Software updates are pushed out to fix bugs and security exploits. Unless you are proactively checking for these software updates, you are likely running software on your computer that is exposing your PC to infection.

Use A Program Updater To Scan For Updates

Secunia Personal Software Inspector is a free program that scans your computer to see if there are updates out there for software you are running on your system. You can download Secunia here.

update your programs

Once you install the software, it will launch its first scan. The scan will reveal how many programs installed on your computer are insecure, have reached their end-of-life or have been patched.

update programs

You will then receive a Secunia System Score, and programs will be listed that require immediate attention. If you find programs that are insecure, update them immediately or uninstall them if they are no longer used.

program updater

Secunia may provide links to update your software. Best practices for updating is to first close the program if it is open. For instance, if Secunia reveals there is an update for one of your web browsers, close the browser before installing the update.

Obviously, your goal is for the program updater to help you achieve a perfect score, so be sure to search for updates on those programs that are insecure or remove them. Using a program updater like Secunia in addition to your normal security regiment of running Windows Update and having a current antivirus program will help you keep your computer virus-free. If you have recommendations for a program updater you use, be sure to let us know.

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