Sony VAIO Recovery Disks

Restoring your Sony VAIO to its original factory condition is sometimes preferred and necessary when troubleshooting and repairing your Sony product. The steps below quickly describe this process.

Purchase Sony VAIO Recovery Disks

Most Sony VAIO systems will have a VAIO recovery wizard. Create a Recovery Media Kit using this wizard and you’ll be able to create a set of CDs that will enable you to do a system recovery on your Sony VAIO machine.

If your PC does not have this feature, you can always call Sony at 1-800-488-SONY to have them send you the disks.

Sony VAIO System Restore

Once you have either created or ordered and received the CDs necessary to restore your Sony VAIO computer, you’ll need to place the first CD in the drive and reboot the machine. The recovery process will immediately begin when the system boots. If it does not begin, you may have to enter the BIOS of the computer to change the boot sequence to the CD ROM instead of the hard drive. To enter the BIOS, tap the F2 key numerous times when booting.

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