Sony VAIO is a leader in manufacturing computers and computer related hardware. You can use the information below to restore your Sony VAIO computer or contact their service department for replacement parts and service. If you need help with Sony restore, Sony VAIO drivers or other Sony computer questions, please feel free to join our message board and we’ll help you get your computer problem resolved.

Using Sony Recovery Disks

It sometimes becomes necessary to return the PC to its factory condition due to viruses or software corruption. Read how to use the Sony recovery disk to return your system to perfect condition. Restore Your Sony VIAO.

Download Sony VAIO Drivers

The hardware on your Sony computer requires specific software in order to make it work. If you no longer have the recovery disks that came with your Sony computer, you can still get the drivers. Search for your model here.

Sony VAIO drivers will help you reinstall software that controls the hardware on your VAIO computer.

sony vaio drivers and support

In addition,  you can visit the Sony website and run diagnostic tools to help identify problems with your Sony computer? As a last case resort, you can run Windows Update as long as you are able to at least get the WiFi drivers or Ethernet network driver to load. Windows Update will gradually download most–if not all–of the Sony VAIO drivers. You can then return to the Sony website and get the remaining software you might be missing.

Once you have all of the drivers installed, it is recommended you make an image of your drive so you can restore it at a later date. An image is a snapshot of your computer, a compressed duplicate of the drive that can quickly and easily be installed using a boot disk and the image you create. A good program to use to create the image and the boot disk is Macrium Refelct Free.

You can then create a back-up on a disk or an external hard drive and restore it if you ever have issues in the future.