Sony VAIO Drivers Support and Downloads

sony VAIO system recovery

Sony VAIO is a leader in manufacturing computers and computer related hardware. You can use the information below to restore your Sony VAIO computer or contact their service department for replacement parts and service. If you need help with Sony restore, Sony VAIO drivers or other Sony computer questions, please feel free to join our message board and we’ll help you get your computer problem resolved.

Using Sony Recovery Disks

It sometimes becomes necessary to return the PC to its factory condition due to viruses or software corruption. Read how to use the Sony recovery disk to return your system to perfect condition. Restore Your Sony VIAO.

Download Sony VAIO Drivers

The hardware on your Sony computer requires specific software in order to make it work. If you no longer have the recovery disks that came with your Sony computer, you can still get the drivers. Search for your model here.

Sony VAIO drivers will help you reinstall software that controls the hardware on your VAIO computer.

sony vaio drivers and support

In addition, you can visit the Sony website and run diagnostic tools to help identify problems with your Sony computer? As a last case resort, you can run Windows Update as long as you are able to at least get the WiFi drivers or Ethernet network driver to load. Windows Update will gradually download most–if not all–of the Sony VAIO drivers. You can then return to the Sony website and get the remaining software you might be missing.

Once you have all of the drivers installed, it is recommended you make an image of your drive so you can restore it at a later date. An image is a snapshot of your computer, a compressed duplicate of the drive that can quickly and easily be installed using a boot disk and the image you create. A good program to use to create the image and the boot disk is Macrium Refelct Free.

You can then create a back-up on a disk or an external hard drive and restore it if you ever have issues in the future.

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  1. I cannot open my computer, have a start problem with stripe colored lines on the screen when I turned on the switch. Can u give me solution to solve the pc problem because i don’t know what it cause?

  2. I have an old sony vaio laptop. It worked fine until the port where you plug the charger physically broke. It is cracked and thus can not be charged. This was about 4 years ago. I have kept the laptop in hopes that I could still retrieve the files and I need one of the files now. Is there a way to get my old files off the hard drive without paying tons of money to fix the old laptop?

    1. If you have a desktop computer, you can buy an adapter compatible with both the laptop and the computer, then install the laptop drive in the desktop and pull the files off and onto the desktop. It will need to be hooked up to the cable where the CD Rom drive is connected. Disconnect the CD drive and then connect the laptop drive (with adapter attached) and when you boot up the computer, you should see the laptop drive in My Computer. Look are these options to see which works for you:

  3. I have an NR Series notebook for about 2-3 yrs now and recently i saw some dark spots on my screen. Also my CD/DVD drive does not respond to any disks i insert.

  4. Zenithe December 6, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    I have an old sony vaio laptop. It worked fine until the port where you plug the charger physically broke. It is cracked and thus can not be charged. This was about 4 years ago. I have kept the laptop in hopes that I could still retrieve the files and I need one of the files now. Is there a way to get my old files off the hard drive without paying tons of money to fix the old laptop?

    if you have an old monitor for a desktop pc your old laptop will connect to it in the back assuming nothing else is damaged besides the charger plug you should ba able to navigate and transfer the files you need.

  5. I have my VPCEB1 sony laptop for 6 months and I was told by Sony the plug port is cracked and that is why the computer will not hold a charge when plugged in. Is this common? They want $200.00 to fix! Please help!
    Arlene Burns

  6. The cursor of my VGN-FE31Z vaio laptop just froze on one place during booting and so I cannot proceed with logging on. Please help.

  7. I have a sony vaio model PCG-7L1L. my battery no longer charge and the port where you plug the charger into no longer works. I need to get my files off the computer. Any ideas how I can do this?

  8. My Sony Vaio laptop is flickering. This morning it went out completely, the screen went black. What does this mean and can it be fixed?

  9. Hi, i have a sony VAIO french version of laptop with Windows Vista.I want to change it to English version Windows 7. Is it possible? Since yesterday, my inbuilt Webcam is suddenly not working and my USB connected Keyboard is also not being detected.

  10. BC Computer Repair

    Making sure the right drivers are installed is important. Signs that the right drivers are not installed inclue no sound, the screen displaying on only half the LCD space, low resolution display, and not being able to connect to the internet. To locate the driver look up the make and model and download it directly from the manufacturers site. Do not download drivers from unfamiliar sites unless you want a virus.

    1. Are you using an external mouse and not the trackpad? If so, you need to disable the trackpad using none of the FN (function) keys at the top. That key will enable and disable the mouse.

  11. My vaio shows connects to wireless router but not to the internet ? can please someone help me. Thanks

  12. Thank you for your advice David, but it still didn’t work for me. i also disable and enable the network adapter and still didn’t work. Any more help please?

  13. the green on light stays on constantly even when its turned off or run out of battery why?

  14. hi. I am going to restore my vaio laptop to factory conditions. Will it only delete everything in c: drive, or both c and d drives? I got about 50 gb of data in d drive and i don’t want to loose it.

    1. It will delete everything unless it says otherwise. Some manufacturers, like Toshiba, has a restore option that preserves data on other partitions. Sony does not, as far as I know. So I would back everything up (as you really should be doing, anyway) and then do the factory restore. Good luck.

  15. Hi. I have a problem with my sony vaio model pcg-71315l. The problem is when i try to open it, it won’t work. And just displays Operating System not found. And when i try to look it up on the net for some solutions i can’t find any. I don’t have any cd recovery. Please help.

  16. natalie dagostino

    My sony is great but the side where you plug in to charge is loose can it be fixed

  17. hi, i just get sony vaio vpceb36gm laptop. i put the laptop to the sleeping mode and the battery was quite little when i open it the touchpad doesn’t work. i uninstall the driver and redownload from the sonyvaio’s website but now it doesn’t allow me to install saying it doesn’t work in this device eventhough the driver is meant to be for this laptop. Please help me with best soultion.

  18. Hi, i have a sony vaio laptop (not sure what the model no is) and the sound only comes on when it feels like it. there is no pattern of when it works or doesn’t. Can you explain this and how i can get it repaired?
    kind regards

  19. Marcus atkinson

    My Sony vaio i3 laptop boot up time is 2 mins wats the problem I tried ms configuration and still the same pls help

  20. In regards to the comment on a flickering screen which goes black, we had this problem ovet the years on 2 screens, and it was a failing fluro backlight. The only solution was screen replacement, or in the case of a laptop buying a external LED monitor for $115 AUD was cheaper than replacing the laptop or its screen.

  21. I have a vaio with a disk drive problem. The computer has a Matshita BD-cmb UJ141AS, but when I visit the sony esupport it only has a driver for pioneer BD-rom BDC-TD02 firmware update. The drive no longer loads up and when I run the troubleshooter for the drive it says its not recognized. Any help?

  22. I have a viao vgn cr32g.I my fingerprint sensor and av mode and capture is not working properly.Will you tell me what i have do and where i get driver.

    1. The fingerprint scanner can be disable in Windows and there is also probably a function key on the keyboard that also disables it. Have you tried looking up the manual in their website?

  23. hi
    i have recovered my laptop, sony vaio, but now only i can see drive c as a hard disk drive. How can i add another disk drive? it’s important for me because i don’t want set up everything on drive c.
    thanks a lot

    1. The easiest way is to install a second hard drive. You can try shrinking the current partition and then adding and formatting the drive. You can do this by right-clicking Computer and selecting “Manage.” Under disk management, you can right-click the C drive and choose the Shrink option.

  24. My sony did a system recovery yesterday. Now it is logging me on with a temporary profile saying I can’t access file and any created on this profile will be deleted when I log off. Help Please

  25. Well, i have a problem with my vaio sony laptop reading my cd’s.. I guess there is something wrong with the cd driver.. I have read some of the comments from other blogs and they talk about deleting the lower/upper filter but I’m scared of doing this because i want my computer to burn cd’s and dvd’s and they say that by doing that.. then it wouldn’t be able to do that anymore.. what can i do?

    1. Maybe try just removing it from the Device Manager and then reboot the computer. You can always get the drivers from the manufacturer’s website. Also, if you DO decide to make any changes in the registry, be sure to make a restore point before you do in case you want to undo that change.


    i got a vaio desktop, i got back in 2004 it runs on windowos xp media edition, i don’t what happened, but now it tries to go on, the windownsa xp screens appears but then it shuts off, it it tries the same circle by it self over n over again, can someone help please, will b much appreciate!!

  27. Hi, I keep getting the “corrupt dsk” coming up on the right of my screen. sometimes when I run the check dsc facility for either drive d or c it will say there is not sufficiient memory to do so and go on about something and $130 over and over, but other times it runs the chk dsc ok.
    I’m considering saving all my data to an external harddrive and restoring the computer to it’s factory setting, would this also delete my programs on the “c” drive like Vista and the other ones that came with the laptop?

    1. Yeah, I would run a restore. Everything will be as it was the day you bought it. If the programs were there out of the box, they will be there when you restore. If you installed them, they won’t be there.

  28. My mother has a Sony Vaio computer. Every time she tries using the internet she can’t type letters or numbers, she can use backspace. Her favorites don’t work. Also she can’t open files on her computer.

    Please answer this soon, if you can.

  29. hey i got some serious problem…….my sony vaio ( vgn ns 130e) is not working properly. when i turn it on work for half an hour but immediately it turn off in just 1 sec, everything gone blank. when i again turn it on the booting process starts it again turn off within 1 or 2 minutes ….

    give me the solution

  30. alok kumar kaushal

    my sony laptop screen went black out while i was performing recovery of C drive . it was just reloading files for recovering and suddenly it went black out.please rply to my problem.

  31. I have a sony vaio laptop windows 7 home basic preinstalled . I want to install windows 7 premium in my sony vaio. how can i install the drivers and applications in my laptop from the recovery discs or i have to download all the drivers and application.

  32. what can i do to set wifi adapter in my vaio vpceh17fg. bcoz it’s showing that the wifi adapter is not found in your computer.please help me to get rid this problem

  33. My sony vaio (CS33G model) from time to time freezes. Mouse cursor is unmovable and keyboard input is ignore for a couple of seconds/minutes and then back to normal. Is it the hard drive defective? Please help me how to get rid this problem.

    1. I would make sure your PC is clean–physically. Blow out the fans, check the front grill cover for blockage and even blow out the back fan (power supply fan). You should then perform disk maintenance in the form of defragging, etc.

  34. hi,i plan to buy “Sony VPCEH25EN/B ” model it’s good or any problem is there, if there ple command to me thank u .

  35. Hi, when i try to start my vaio it logs on as a temporary user.. how do i fix this and how did it happen? .. thanks!!

    1. Tap f8 when booting. Enter Safe Mode and log in as Admin. Create a regular user account in the control panel. Not sure why it happened but the user account must be corrupt.

  36. Hello there, I have a sony vaio. I have spilt red wine on it. It turns on but screen is black and keypad is not working. What do you suggest i do??.

    1. Since it was red wine and not water, it will likely need to be taken apart and cleaned by a professional. I would take it into a shop.


    1. Usted puede obtener los controladores desde el sitio web de Sony.
      Or if you need to order the Windows recovery disk, you should contact their customer support. You can probably get them for a small fee. Good luck.

  38. hello , i have a vgn-cs118e sony vaio, my hard disk is making terrible sound like a rotary one and its getting louder and louder every day don’t know what to do its annoying i don’t have any viruses i think the pb is in da hard disk please i need some help

    1. If it is, indeed, the hard drive then this is a sign of imminent failure. Back up all data and be prepared to replace the drive when it fails (or replace it now, if possible). Try and make system recovery disks if you have not already done so, as you will need these disks to reinstall the Operating System and drivers when you install the new hard drive. Good luck. Join our free forums if you need additional help.

  39. I have an issues with my Vaio the USB hub does not pick up hdmi or vga cables plugged into it i have installed the latest drivers on the laptop and the laptoppicks the cables up and the exturnal monitor works fine.

  40. my sony vaio vgn-nw26m has serious start up problems.. the yellow light wont always kick in… green light, but no further.. so i restart in the hope it will start up again.. sometimes takes hours to start up properly…
    i have ran various software checks (spybot, antivirus) and hardware checks ( hd scan and vaio diagnostics).. tried replacing the memory as this could account for the problem, but this did not work.. could be a damaged motherboard?? we cannot understand how it could be a software or hardware problem, if it eventually starts… any suggestions?

    1. Next time this happens, try unplugging the computer and hold the power button for twenty seconds. Plug it back in and try it again.

  41. Hi All

    Need One quick help. I am using Sony Laptop ( Model VP CEB1A GG/BI) , it was purchased in March’2010. Since yesterday, I am unable to Boot the laptop. I have tried to boot the laptop by pressing F8 key, but still unable to Boot. It opens a window with some screen and does not move to the next screen.

    Is there something wrong with the Operating System?

    Please share your thoughts.


    1. What’s on the screen? Have you tried pressing the function key (fn) in addition to the F8 key–with laptops sometimes you’ll need to do that.

  42. Hello, I have a Sony Vaio model VPCF1. My problem is with the battery. I have power in my laptop but is not charging. I change the battery and it the same problem. The red led for power is on but the led for the battery is not showing me anything. The power cables it good but something in my laptop it not responding to charge my battery. Any solution?

    1. Could be a couple of things: If the battery is old, it may have run through its life-cycle. Other than that, the place where the power cable connects to the laptop can go bad and may need to be re-soldered or replaced.

  43. Could anyone of you sir, let me know how to get the pre-installed software’s of laptop as i have installed windows 7 again and have lost all the genuine software’s, plz give me some suggestions what should i do?

    1. The pre-installed software is located on the recovery partition or on any disks you may have received from the manufacturer. If you did a clean install of Windows 7, you might still be able to perform a recovery of the old operating system, which should include the software. You can then do an upgrade to Windows 7, not a clean install. This is assuming you are not upgrading from Windows XP, as you cannot “upgrade” to Windows 7 from XP.

  44. Hi I have a Sony vaio vpcee3wfx and the other day it loaded windows than it gave me a blue screen of death. Now when it boots up it says operating system not found.Bios recognizes the 500gb hard drive. What can i do to fix this with out sending it back? Thank You

    1. Sounds like when it crashed Windows got corrupt and will not load. You might be able to restore it using the hidden system recovery partition. Did you look on the Sony website for the manual for that model. It should describe how to do the recovery.

    2. Same thing happened to me right around the same time, let me know if you find a fix, its been killing me ever since.

  45. Hi I have a Sony Vaio laptop,I use to be able to touch the touch pad and it would let me make text larger on the screen, but it does not seem to be working now, can you let me know how to re-set this.

  46. Hi Dave… I got one for you. I have a VGN-AR630E vaio.. I think the before I bought it, there was a partician. I have two intel precessors of 2.0ghz. I can see the this computer has two. btw, its a centrino duo. How can I mount the other precessor onto the the one I am currently using..
    note- i think the hdd is also parted.. how can i mount both of these without recovering it because I would like to keep my Windows 7.. thanks Dave

    1. Not sue I understand what you’re asking…another processor cannot be mounted on that machine unless there is an empty socket. Regarding the extra partition, that is a recovery partition. I do not recommend removing it, but if you really want to you can delete it and then expand the C drive into that partition. You would do this by right-clicking Computer, then select Manage. Under disk management, remove the D partition and then right-click the C partition and select Expand (I think that’s it–I haven’t done it in a while).

      1. umm… I did all that you said Dave.. but there is no “expand” option. I did something else anyways. I made it like an external disk drive.. It’s all good, just as long as I activated the drive..Thanks to you, I did just that. One more thing Dave.. if you will… My “Fn” blue function button does not work to dim my screen.. or my s1 or s2 buttons do not work as well. Do you know anything about this?

  47. can you help – the green light for my webcam is constantly on but when I go on skype, it says I don’t have a webcam. Also have checked on the drivers and I don’t seem to have anything for imaging. I’m very confused.

    1. The webcam didn’t come with an installation disk? Sometimes you won’t need one, but if it did, unplug the camera and then install the software. You can sometimes get the drivers from the manufacturer’s website, as well. Once you plug in the webcam, it should find the drivers and load. Then in Skype, you need to go into the video preferences and make sure your webcam is selected.

  48. I bought a used Sony Viao VGN-CS320J but no recovery disk with it. How do I get a recovery disk for it?

    1. You have to make the disk using a utility. This utility is often located in the programs menu. If you cannot find it, check the Sony site for you model’s manual.

  49. i have a problem with my sony viao laptop when i start my laptop his logging speed is very low and after few mintues there a problem also come …laptop is complety hang work with any key

    1. Is the hard drive full? Have you tried basic maintenance such as defragging the drive and virus scans to make sure this insan’t related to malware?

  50. Hi, I have a sony Vaio, not sure on the model but its only about 2 or 3 years old. I got a notification saying i have a blocked driver. Everytime i try to start it, it stays on for a couple minutes and then completely shuts off. Any ideas? Please and thank you

  51. when i open my laptop the screen was all black.. and the power button which is green was on.. when i tried to reboot it.. the green light stays on and i cant reboot it.. what would i do.. i also tried to remove the battery and use the charger. when i removed the battery the power light went off but when i tried to open my laptop again.. the screen was still all black and cant reboot it again..

  52. i had to replace the hdd in my sony vaio vgn-fw11sr. unfortunately it wasn’t possible to replace it with the same model. after that i was trying to use the recovery discs. i keep receiving the error 333 when the full installation process begins. could you please advice if it is possible to fix the problem by myself without contacting any of the sony support team? and how if it is possible? thanks in advance.

    1. They will likely tell you that you have to buy the drive from them. In some cases, the recovery media might look for a tattoo on the hard drive to bind it to the recovery media. Not sure if this is the case with you, but before you go and do that, I’d consider either putting Ubuntu Linux on the new hard drive (Free) or just buy a new version of Windows. At least you’ll have a genuine Windows Install Disk. You will still need to get the drivers from the Sony website, but that isn’t a big deal.

  53. I am having SONY VAIO VPCCW23EN. Its been 1 yr that i have buyed it.

    Problem is its Camera is not working when we have to do online chat. Normally it works and also captures, but when we are online it doesnt work there for video chat. As my job is mostly online and have to do video chat. So it creates problem.

    So please suggest me how to cure this problem as soon as possible.

    with regards.

    1. There is probably a setting in the video chat client you are using. Look in the options menu and make sure your camera is selected.

      1. Yaa,, it is selected…. In other laptop with same setting , Camera is working.

        But in My laptop its not Working.

  54. The physical switch for WLAN on my Sony Vaio laptop is broken so I cannot use the wireless feature. Is there a software workaround to engage this feature? Thanks

    1. I have sony vaio VPCEB2M1E which I got one year ago.My fan speed has got higher and I dont know the reason why. My friend got the same laptop year ago as well, his laptop doesn’t makes a slightest fan noise and mine is like a turbine under normal conditions. I mostly used to hibernate it , could it be the reason or some physical damage to the bios or something..any thoughts would be really appreciated

      1. Check your CPU usage in the task manager. If the CPU is overactive this could be causing heat, which could be causing the high fan to kick on more often. Reduce the number of programs running, make sure all vents and fans are clean and the laptop should run normally. Otherwise, there could be a hardware issue.

  55. I have a model PC9-8Z2M and I have just joined Skype

    I think that my model has a built in webcam but does not switch on when I am making a video call. Am I missing something?

  56. Sony VAIO, VGNFW351J, Upgraded OS from Vista to Win 7 Pro. The BlueRay Player no longer works, have a constant message to update firmware from Windows, but Sony cannot update due to not having Vista as the OS. Other small items show a software/hardware conflict like the USB Mouse is no longer recognized even when the disk with the drivers is available. What do I do to fix this issue?

  57. Hi, I have a vaio computer and totally shut down on and died so I went and got it repaired, but now I cannot find my built in camera…I have widow vista on the computer but want my camera…any ideas on how to find the camera or something???

    1. It’s likely you need to go to the Sony website and download the driver for the camera. In the Control Panel’s Device Manager you can find the unknown device, which is probably your camera and remove it. Install the camera’s driver then reboot the computer. This should fix it.

  58. hey i have sony vaio vpceh25en and I’ve changed the OS from win 7 home basic to win 7 ultimate(64-bit).. the problem is sound is not working…… when i play a movie or songs 1st for 3mins sound will come and then it stops … I’ve downloaded audio driver from sony website and I’ve installed but the problem is still there….can any one help me out pls…!

    1. Are you using Windows Media Player to play these? Maybe try updating the player, its codecs, or try an alternate player such as iTunes.

  59. I have a Viao (Model PCG-3J1L) and need some help on it. I was using it, and a blue screen with “this computer has encountered a problem and will perform a data dump” and it rebooted. The issue is that it would not start correctly. It went to the recovery section, once I clicked it, it would not recover anything. It ran all night and still had the same screen in the morning.
    I took the hdd out and put it in a dock, but now I cannot access the main partition of it. Can you tell me how to access this? I want to pull my data off of it, then format it.
    Thank you for any help you can give me in this matter.

  60. Hi I have aSony Vaio vpceh25en/w.. The problem is after formatting and reinstaling all the drivers I downloaded from the vaio support website, the bluetooth is not working. I installed W7/x64 and all the drivers are downloaded from the official website. Except bluetooth all is running well. So please if anybody knows what the issue is and what to do, please help me.

    thanks in advance.

  61. hi i have problem with my sony vaio vgn-nr21e/s..after starting it says that i need to launch a startup repair then afterthat it went white screen and a cursor and nothing else…please help me..thanks in advance

  62. Solved, for the user that can’t access your fingerprint, this is the solution from me=
    -Right click on “My Computer”
    -Click “Manage”
    -Open “Services And Application”
    -Click “Services”
    -Now find the services which DISABLED by f*ckin registry fix, Right click every disable startup service, Properties, make startup type become automatic, then restart your computer, then all hardware will be function properly


  63. I am attempting to return a Vaio laptop to it’s factory settings using the recovery discs but the screen resolution is to low to display the check box to accept the terms or the Start button to execute the recovery. Any ideas? Maybe keystrokes that would get this started?

  64. hi … I am having sony vaio vpceh25en …. I would like to change my OS frm windows7 home basic to ultimate edition …. if i change only in C drive would be deleted ahh ?? or otherwise system drivers , D drive , E drive will also be deleted ahhh ???

    1. Only the C drive will be changed if you upgrade. If you do a full install, be sure to only select the C drive and that is where it will be installed. The other drives should remain intact. The drivers should also be fine, as you are already running Windows 7.

  65. hi
    I recently purchased vaio e-series.After purchasing it, when i opened my vaio for the first time i wrongly entered the country now i want to rectify it.Please tell me what to do i dont want restore my vaio to factory setting for that and its irritating that my vaio gate shows US govt updates, please help me out of this to change to India :(((!!!

    1. Try this: Go to the Control Panel, then click Clock, Language, and Region, and then click Region and Language. Click the Location tab, select your location from the list, and then click OK.

  66. hey Dave ….i think I am too much optimistic person as it is unable to help my problem 🙁 !!
    is there any other way possible ???

  67. I have a Sony Vaio Laptop PCG 7Z2L and is running the win 7 apps, not sure if that is the reason my left mouse click is not working. Need help.

  68. I have a Vaio VPCEB36GM model. The noise from the fan seems to be louder than I’ve usually experienced with other laptops that I’ve had. I do run some programs that require higher than normal resource usage, but nothing crazy, and the fan noise persists even when I start it up with no programs. Would investing in RAM (to the maximum 8GB) help? Should I look at a new fan (and if so, what do you recommend)? Or is there something else you would recommend? Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Is this a new laptop? If not, it’s possible the fans need to be blown out. If it is new, make sure the vents are clear so cool air can be pulled into the laptop case. It should not be running on high-fan speed if it is getting properly cooled.


    1. in addition when i try to reload win 7 the computer HD does not have/show the normal 2 partitions as win 7 requires only has 1 large partitions

      1. The hardware may not be compatible with Windows 7. Either that or you should try loading the 32-bit version of Windows 7. What OS was on there before?

        1. had win 7 installed. i have tried both 32 and 64 bit home, pro and ultimate….this one has me stumped. any help would be greatly appreciated

          1. Make sure you have no external devices connected to the computer. It might be crashing on loading a driver.

          2. nothing attached but wireless mouse and its been removed long ago. also have the battery out and have switched/changed the memory modules and tried a different hard drive. still cant get it to go…. BIOS??? Bad Motherboard???? but it runs great while loading..acts just like its supposed to….then right at creating your desktop goes down and wont even try to load from the hard drive…just loops. thanks

  70. i bought a new sony vio vpcea3s1e model laptop. but at last found that my keyboard is mashedup. when i try to click @ it becomes “. same way there are lots of key mashed up. how can i make that.

  71. I have a Sony Vaio laptop model VGN-NW240F and it’s approx 2 yrs old. Off and on for the past 6 months upon startup it will start making this louding clicking noise and then it comes to a black screen that reads “operating system not found”. Is this a dying hard drive?

      1. That’s what I was afraid of. Considering it’s 2 yrs old, and the expensive of having a new drive installed, I would probably be better off just buying a new one, do you think?

  72. Hi i want to know what could be the problem with my laptop i have a vgn-nr430e and what happens is that the screen goes completely blank without reason
    How can i diagnose the problem to fix it should change the LCD screen, the inverter, or the video cable???

  73. i have problem with my sony viao Y series VPCYB15AG

    i already formated my OS then after formating i notie that my FN keys are not installed .. i already googled the driver of it but no luck to find one ..
    somebody with me with this please? i need a driver of my FN keys ..

        1. Everyone, to make support easier, please join our free forums and post there so we can troubleshoot. You’ll find a link at the top of the page. Register and post your question so more of our tech enthusiasts can weigh-in. Thanks!

  74. i have vpceg2agx Model
    i change os to win 7 32 bit , but i can’t install video Driver
    please Help Me

  75. I have vpccw25fh vaio laptop .I lose driver disc so I went to download all drivers and utilities softwares. Then I went to download windows 7 home premium 64 bit .

  76. Hello Dave . I purchased my Sony Viaos notebook Y series VPCYB15ag in Dubai last January 19,2012. went well then i decided to upgrade to ultimate windows .then just few days ago the a message apperas notifying of either incomaptibility or improper installation of the battery pack and my computer then enters Hibernate mode .to solve the problem i turn off the computer and remove the battery pack then reinstall the battery pack to the computer. i did few times but still the message pop up saying the same thing .im worried that upgarding affect the battery. the problem is im back to the philippines. Not sure if they will replace the battery here .

    thanks!hope to hear you soon!

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