As with most computers built by a major brand name manufacturer, your Sony VAIO can be reset to factory condition using Sony VAIO recover disks that you make or via a recovery partition on your computer’s hard drive. You are responsible for making the DVDs that will help you do a factory reset of your PC, so you should do that as soon as possible after purchasing your Sony VAIO computer.

Quick Steps To Quickly Restore Sony VAIO To Factory Settings

  1. Create the system restore media.
  2. Reboot the computer and tap F10.
  3. Choose Start Recovery Wizard.
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts.

The following instructions will teach you how to make restore disks and how to use the recovery partition to backup and restore your Sony VAIO computer. Or read our other Sony computer tutorials.

Sony VAIO System Restore

Revert Sony VAIO Computer To Factory Defaults using sony restore Disks Or Recovery PartitionThere are a lot of reasons why you would need to recover your Sony computer. If your computer becomes unstable and crashes frequently, if it has a bad computer virus, or if your Sony VAIO has simply become unusable. When it gets to this point, you need to revert your computer back to factory setting, which will erase everything, and return your computer to that lightning fast machine you remember and love. You can do this two ways. You can use recovery media you should have already made. Or you can use a recovery partition on the hard drive.

Create Sony VAIO System Restore Media

Use the following method to create your Sony VAIO recovery disks. When done, store these disks in a safe location:

  • Go to Start>All Programs>VAIO Care. Select Recovery and restore, then Recovery. Then click Create Recovery Media.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to create your media.

Use The Recovery Disks To Restore Your Sony VAIO To Factory Default

If your computer becomes unstable, you need to use the disks you created in the step above to erase and format your computer. To perform a complete recovery perform the following steps:

  • If you are using an external drive, power on a press F11 to enter the boot options menu. From there, select the USB drive.
  • Otherwise, just insert the first recovery disk and reboot the computer. The recovery process will begin when the system reboots.

Use the Recovery Partition To Revert Your Sony VAIO TO Factory Default

While you should have a set of recovery disks for your Sony computer, you can actually use that recovery partition to restore your computer to factory condition.

  • Power on the computer and press F10 several times until you see the new menu.
  • Choose Start Recovery Wizard
  • Follow the onscreen prompts.

The restore process should take less than an hour to complete. When finished, the computer will restart and you will be presented with a Sony VAIO that has been reverted back to factory defaults. Be sure to immediately run Windows Update, install an anti-virus (unless there is already one installed) and then reinstall your back-up data and programs. Your Sony computer should now run faster and be more reliable.

If you have questions or comments about the above procedure be sure to let us know.