Computer hardware and software prices change almost daily. If you’re looking to buy that latest gadget or if you’re specking out hardware for your new build, using a price tracking tool can save you a lot of money. One of the price tracking tools we like to use is Camelcamelcamel.

The great thing about is that you can sign up for alerts and set your own price. Once that product reaches your price, camelcamelcamel will blast you an email or twitter message alerting you to the price drop.

How To Get The Best Price On Amazon

To begin, first visit and do a search for the product you’re looking for. Next, copy the URL and then visit and paste that URL into their search bar.

price tracking tools

You will then be able to see the price trend for that product over the past several months.

amazon price tracker

You can then set your desired price, put in your email or Twitter account information and then click Start Tracking. Once the Amazon product has reached your desired price, you will get an alert from

Price Tracking Tools For Newegg

Fortunately, there is also a price tracking tool for Just visit the Newegg website and then copy and paste the product URL into the website. The site has the same look and feel as the original camelcamelcamel website, but provides price tracking information for Newegg, instead.

Using price tracking tools such as these can save you time and money–especially if you’re building a computer. It will require a little patience, however, but you should be able to tell from the chart whether a product has consistently been going down in price or whether it is going up. Either way, price tracking tools like this should be able to aid you in making the right purchasing decision. If you have any great price tracking tools that you use, be sure to let us know.