Batch Rename Pictures

Batch rename pictures files has always been a hassle in Windows. But Windows 7 makes it easy to take a group of pictures with nonsensical naming conventions and group them into logical names. In the past, you would need a third-party application to batch rename files, but in Windows 7 you can do it with only a few mouse clicks.

Batch Rename A Group Of Pictures In Windows 7

In the example below we’re going to highlight a large group of images we have in a folder. These are similar images of a family but all currently have numbers as names. These were the original names from the camera when they were imported into the computer. All we’re going to do is highlight them all by either doing a CTRL+A command or by left-clicking and highlighting them.

Batch rename pictures

Next, all we need to do is right-click on one of the selected images and choose “Rename” from the menu. When you rename the first image in the group, all of the others you had selected will also get that name, followed by a consecutive number as shown below:

rename files

This is a fast and easy way to group similar pictures together in a single folder. If you wanted to undo the batch renaming, all you’d need to go is highlight them all again, right-click them and choose the Undo option. Batch rename pictures to help keep them organized in your folders. If you have a program or technique you use to batch rename pictures, let us know, but we find this free method works great in Windows 7.

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