How to Remove Bloatware From New Computer

remove bloatware

If you buy a major brand name computer from any of the top manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Sony or Acer, you will invariably notice a lot of different software installed that you do not want, did not ask for or do not know how to get rid of. This extra software is typically trial programs referred to as “bloatware” or “crapware.”

Automatically Remove Crapware From Your Computer

There are a few ways to uninstall all of this junk so your computer will run the way it should. You can manually uninstall it all or you can use third-party programs such as the PC Decrapifier, which scans your computer for bloatware and uninstalls it for you. DeCrapifier is a .exe file, so your antivirus might think it is a virus, but it is not. Click through the wizard’s menu and select the programs you want removed.

Manually Remove Bloatware From Your Computer

Bloatware programs are not viruses. They can be uninstalled easily by visiting the Add Remove Programs section of the Control Panel (or Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall Programs in Windows 7). Remove anything you did not order with the computer, such as trial versions of games, antivirus programs like Norton or Macafee.

You can also prevent bloatware while ordering your PC. If you order a computer online, you usually have options to uncheck the option for trial software. Be sure to read through those pages and make sure you are not accidentally ordering crapware to be installed on your PC.

But why does this happen? It’s easy. In order for computer manufacturers to make a better profit, they make deals with these third-party vendors to install trial software on your new computer in hopes you will either choose to buy the programs or be tricked into thinking you need them. So which of these do you need? You don’t need any of them. You should remove all of it and install your own antivirus program, such as Microsoft Security Essentials, which is a free antivirus through Microsoft that works great.

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