Record Your Product Serial Number

Keeping track of a product serial number can be a real hassle. You’ve been buying a lot of tech gadgets and gear and that’s great. But have you taken the time to record your product serial numbers? Keeping the model number and s/n of your computers and other electronic devices is essential. It helps to keep you organized, as well as provide valuable information for warranties and investigations due to theft, loss or damages. You should keep this information in a safe place, such as online or in a lock box at home. We are providing a convenient form at the bottom of this page for you to download and fill out. Take a few moments to locate and write down the serial numbers for your most valuable devices, and add others as you purchase them.

Locate Your Product Serial Number

product serial numberMost devices will have a label with your model and serial number printed on it. It may say “serial number” or it may say “s/n.” If you’re unsure of what to write down, write all of the information down. Include the make and model of the device, as well as the date you purchased it (if you remember).

Be sure to document the serial numbers of computers, routers, monitors, Blu ray players, televisions and anything that has significant value. If you do not write them down as you purchase devices, be sure to audit your list a couple times a year to make sure you have your new electronics listed.

Recording your serial numbers may seem like tedious work, but if you ever need them and don’t have that information, you will certainly regret it. The more information you have about your products, the better off you’ll be in the event of an emergency.

Worksheet To Manage Your Product Serial Number

record serial numbersDownload the PDF version

Download the Word version

The PDF for is great if you want to print and keep the form at home. The Word version is the choice if you want to type in your information and email it to yourself or store it elsewhere online. Do not store it on your PC for obvious reasons.

If you have another technique for recording product serial number, share your tips for keeping track of your serial numbers.

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