Remove Moisture From Wet iPhone

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You can remove moisture from a wet iPhone. Rain, pool water and yes, even toilets, kill cell phones and other electronic devices every day. You can follow these simple tips to dry a cell phone following exposure to moisture rather than replacing the phone. The success of these tips depend on the amount of time your cell phone has been exposed to water.

Your wet iPhone stands a better chance of survival if it is exposed to tap water. If the phone is exposed to salt water, soda or juice, you may need rinse if off with distilled water. Remove the battery (if possible) and SIM card and dry any parts of the phone with cotton swabs and a soft towel. Tilt the phone so any water runoff will angle away from the screen and any other critical parts. A blow dryer can cause more harm than good. Instead, look for a water-absorbing product that will draw moisture away from the phone.

Products Used To Remove Moisture From Wet iPhone

Remove Moisture From Wet iPhoneThe most economical drying agent to remove moisture from a wet iPhone is plain white rice. Place the phone in a container filled with rice and let it sit for several days. The rice will gradually absorb the moisture trapped in the cell phone and eventually allow you to charge and boot the device. It is less effective at drying phones than other options, but if it’s all you have rice should be used until you can purchase a better cell phone drying agent.

The next option is to remove moisture from wet iPhone is Silica Gel. You will often find this packaged with new electronics when you first open the box. Silica gel can absorb 15% of its weight in water vapor within a couple of hours. You can buy larger quantities of silica gel for relatively cheap.

A better option for drying cell phones is a product called the BHEESTIE Bag. Place your wet phone, iPod, headsets and other affected devices into the Bheestie bag, zip it up, and then let it sit for three days. The phone should boot after that time, but may need longer depending on the extent of the water damage. You can reuse the bag to remove moisture from wet phone or other electronic devices in the future.

The key to saving your wet iPhone from moisture is acting quickly. Dry the phone as best you can and place it in a product that will harmlessly absorb the moisture from your phone. If you have any questions, post a comment below.

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