Tips To Revitalize Your Old Computer

tips to revitalize your computer

Remember the love affair you once had with your computer? Those late nights sitting in front of the screen, your face aglow in its radiant LED light? You’d sit there for hours surfing AOL or playing games like Mahjong or Solitaire until your eyes were so dry you couldn’t blink. Ah, those were the days. But what happened? You glance at your computer in the corner and long for those days. But the magic has fizzled, and your computer is simply too drab and disgusting to hold your attention.

Not anymore. We have several great tips to help revitalize your computer and bring the two of you back together for another shot at love.

Use These Tips To Spice Up Your Computer

  1. Get your Desktop in order – Have you looked at your Windows Desktop lately? Unless you’re a neat-nick with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, your desktop is likely polluted with shortcuts you never use, files you do not recognize, and miscellaneous pictures, videos and music files scattered about. Either create a single folder and drag these icons into it, or take a few minutes and put these items into their correct folder. You should be left with a spartan desktop containing only the Recycle Bin.

Now change your background image. We like Desktop Nexus for great backgrounds. They re-size their backgrounds based on your screen resolution.

  1. Get a new monitor – There’s nothing wrong with your computer. Your monitor is just too small. If you’re still using a 17″ or smaller computer monitor, you’re missing out. Stop scrolling up and down and side to side. Websites will be easier to navigate, movies will be easier to watch, and games will be a lot more fun on a larger monitor.
  2. Replace your keyboard and mouse – Nothing turns back the hands of time like a new keyboard and mouse. Forget shaking the Doritos and pretzel bits from your keyboard and just get a new one. A new mouse and keyboard will give your computer that “new car” smell again.
  3. If you have broadband, use it – Your computer is connected to the entire Internet, a glorious place filled with entertaining and rewarding wonders. If you have broadband, consider getting a Netflix account and watch movies right on your computer, or get Skype, a free program that allows you to video chat with friends, relatives and co-workers. Or if music is your thing, consider a free Pandora or Last FM account and listen to music while you’re sitting at your PC.
  4. Do some maintenance – Your computer is slow, run Disk Defragmenter and Disk Cleanup by going to Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools. In addition, you can run a performance scan to see where your computer needs to be optimized.
  5. Add some RAM – If your computer is still a bit sluggish, consider adding more memory if your computer is running with 2 GBs or less. You’ll see a huge improvement in performance going from 2 to 4 GBs of RAM. Go to and use their memory configuration tool for an easy, full-proof memory upgrade.
  6. Clean your computer – Your computer should be blown out and wiped down to rid it of dust and other debris that can cause it to over-heat. You could opt to buy disposable cans of compressed air, or you could go with this awesome electric blower made for the job. The Metro Vacuum ED500 DataVac Electric Duster is a sustainable, constant air source often referred to as a “Tornado in a can.” Blow out your computer and wipe it down to give your PC the luster it once had.

Making Your Computer New Again Is Easy

Remember, while your tower might be older, replacing the screen you look at and the keyboard you type on is not just a psychological improvement–they’re quality improvements. And finding new ways to use your computer will help rekindle the love affair. If you have tips of your own to make an old computer seem new again, let us know below!

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