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Whether you’re looking to change careers or you simply want to build your next gaming computer, there is a definite line between being a novice computer user and an advanced computer tech in regards to overall knowledge. We’re not talking just book smarts. We’re talking about computer lab time–the amount of hands-on time you spend with your arms elbow-deep in the bowels of a computer case. There is no substitute for that kind of experience. This article will guide you toward a few resources we feel will help you get to the next level and reach your computer repair goals. Once done, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to build and repair your own computers.

The Computer Repair Mastery Course

We’re never seen such an organized collection of computer training videos before. The group at BeYourOwnIt have done a phenomenal job on this series. In addition to nine hours of video, the series comes with a 158-page guide with diagrams, procedures and images. It covers the following lessons: PC Repair Safety, Data Backup, Hardware Identification, PC Cleaning, Diagnostics, Hardware Replacement, Virus Removal, File Recovery, Windows Utilities, System Utilities, Factory Restore, Windows Installation, Internet Setup, Windows Update and much more.

Watch the video below and check out the site for the full details.

Check out the Computer Repair Mastery Course here.

Buy Your Own Barebones Computer System and Practice

The best way to gain experience is to build your own computer. We recommend using a combination of the Computer Repair Master Course and a barebones computer kit if you’ve never built a computer before. You can start with a cheaper system and give it to a friend or relative when done, or you can go all-out and build that gaming computer you’ve always wanted. Barebones computer kits come in a variety of specs depending on your needs. If you have questions about computer parts, join our free computer forums and ask.

A barebones kit will contain everything you need to build a computer. It will include a case (usually with power supply included), a motherboard, a CPU, hard drive and RAM. These are often considered lower-end systems, but great kits for building your first computer. If you’re happy with this computer, you might eventually want to swap in a better power supply, as power supplies shipped with these starter kits tend to be lower quality. In addition, you will need to purchase an Operating System or run a free OS such a Ubuntu Linux.

Compare these barebones computer kits.

The Right Computer Tools For The Job

In addition to the Computer Mastery Course and a good barebones computer kit, you will also need tools to complete the build. You don’t have to buy an expensive toolkit, but you will need a basic kit containing various screwdrivers (torx bits, precision screwdrivers, etc) to get the job done right. Using the wrong tools can cause slippage and gouging of the motherboard and components. Choose your computer toolkit here.

So if you’re interested in taking the next step and becoming a computer repair pro, these resources will help get you started. In addition, our forums are a great place to learn and ask questions.

If you know of any other computer training aids, or the best barebones systems, let us know.

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