Must Have Portable USB Apps For Techs

portable apps for techs

Field technicians need a have a compilation of applications and tools they can run from a known good source whenever entering the hostile environments of a home or office they need to service. Since the there can be a wide-range of issues when dealing with computer in the field, it’s best to carry a collection of apps with you that can be run from a USB drive and leave no trace of themselves behind. These are a collection of must-have portable apps for computer technicians on the job.

portable apps for techs

Portable Apps For USB Drives

  1. CodySafe – CodySafe is a mini-launcher for a USB drive. If you are to run apps from your USB drive, you will need a convenient way to access them. CodySafe allows you to install and run apps so you can launch them on another PC while leaving no footprint behind.
  2. ClamWin Portable – It’s often the case a computer in the field will have some type of malware infestation. It’s a good idea to have a portable anti-virus on a USB drive in case other methods of removing the viruses fail.
  3. Portable Web Browser – Having a self-contained, portable web browser is a great way tp access the Internet if the browser on a client’s machine has been compromised or has become corrupt. Here are several solutions for you.
  4. PC Decrapifier – PC Decrapifier is a great program to use on machines purchased from major brand name manufacturers. It removes what is called “bloatware,” which are a collection of trial programs pre-installed at the factory. Typically, these programs nag you and run in the background, thus slowing a computer down.
  5. RockXP – Allows you to Find product activation codes and reset passwords in Windows XP. Passwords are often forgotten and product activation codes are frequently lost, so this is a great tool to recover them.
  6. Restoration-Restoration is a free file recovery program that helps you retrieve files that have been recently deleted and removed from the Recycle Bin.
  7. Pendrive Linux – You can run this portable version of Linux right off of a USB stick. It’s a great tool from troubleshooting a doing a process of elimination when dealing with troublesome hardware issues.
  8. FileZilla Portable – Filezilla is a fantastic FTP program. They also have a portable version. If you need to move a lot of files from your FTP site to a client’s PC, then this is a great portable FTP program.
  9. Defraggler – The general consensus is among technicians is that the built in Defragmenter utility for Windows is less than impressive. Defraggler is a lightweight and portable file defragging alternative to the default option in Windows.
  10. TightVNC – TightVNC is a remote desktop server / client solution that can allow you to access your home or office computer directly from your client’s machine. This is helpful for transferring files and performing other tasks that require getting files from a known good source.

While there are certainly a lot more portable applications you can put on a USB drive, these ten provide a good start and cover most of the issues techs will face when out in the field dealing with unknown variables. If you have more suggestions, please let us know.

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