Remotely Access Computer

Remotely access computer via special tools to make software changes and configurations on a PC that could be located halfway around the world. There are several different programs to use for this, including Microsoft’s own Remote Desktop.  But if you’re in the business of repairing computers for a living, the choices become fewer. The key to a good remote desktop application is ease of use for the end-user. A lot of these programs require some knowledge of IP addresses. While the commercial programs act as a go-between designed for ease of use so your customers do not have to feel the anxiety and frustration of having to figure out what their IP address is.

Remotely Access Computer Utilities For Technical Users

Remotely Access ComputerTightVNC is a popular option for those who use Windows and Linux computers.

UltraVNC is a Windows client that gives you a lot of features to tinker with.

Remotely Access Computer Through Commercial Utilities

While the cost for a good commercial remote desktop client can get costly, technicians really need to invest in the cost if they plan on providing a remote helpdesk business. This service is a must for local computer manufacturers that need to provide warranty support for clients, as well. Dell, HP, Acer and other larger manufacturer’s provide similar services, as well.

Both LogMeIn and Citrix’s GoToAssist allow customers to go to a website to remotely access computer. This gives technicians access to their customers PCs within seconds. While these services are very comparable, you should check the price model which would best suit your company’s needs. Both offer free trials and provide the end-user with a convenient and simple way to allow a technician access to their PC.