Computer Continuously Reboots Troubleshooting Steps

If your computer continuously reboots while running, or if you see the flash of a blue screen before it reboot, then Windows is in a state where the only way it can attempt to fix itself is through rebooting. While this will work with the occasional system crash, it will not fix the issue if there is a drastic hardware or software problem. Instead, your machine will seem to be caught in a loop of starting up, crashing and rebooting. The key to solving this type of problem is capturing the crash message that is flashing on the screen.

Computer Continuously Reboots – Prevent Windows Restart Loop

You can stop Windows from rebooting after a crash by doing the following:

  1. Right-click My Computer
  2. Select properties
  3. Select the Advanced Tab
  4. Under Start-up and Recovery, uncheck the Automatic Restart box and then click OK.
  5. Reboot the computer

Now when your computer crashes, you should see the confusing Blue Screen of Death along with an error code. You can search for the exact nature of that code and take measures to resolve it. Depending on the error, you might try rebooting into Safe Mode by tapping F8 while booting and running a System Restore to revert your computer back to a time when it was not crashing. Or you might run the error checking utility in Windows to scan your computer’s hard drive for issues. You might also run a popular program called Memtest86 to scan your computer’s RAM for errors that could be causing system stability issues.

The first step in this process is getting the blue screen to remain on the screen, and preventing the automatic restart is the way to do this. You can then determine why your Windows computer is rebooting and crashing based on clues from the blue screen error. If your computer continuously reboots and you need additional help,  need more help please join our free computer repair forums.

About the Author: Dave

David is a tech professional with over fifteen years of experience in the IT fields of hardware, software and system administration.


  1. My desktop computer will not fully boot when I try to start it. A “clicking” sound is heard afterward the screen flashes and goes to the screen that indicates that windows did not start successfully. Then, when I select either of the identifed start methods (safe mode, etc.) it attempts to start but returns to the same “sorry that windows did not successfully start” screen. So far, I have been unable to interrupt the process in order to see the error message.

    What else should I be doing to correct the problem? Thanks.

  2. If the hard drive is not dead, there are special keys that you can press when it starts that will open up a service test / diagonosis panel. It depends on the manufacture. If you computer is under warranty call them about it. If they are not helpful check out the support section of their site.

  3. after flashing a new version of bios to my computer it now restarts immediately after the first windows screen shows, then flashes the blue screen of death, and then reboots. Bios looks normal, and I had made copies of 2 different versions of the bios before starting the procedure but did not copy the existing configuration. According to the manufacturer this should have been an option during the procedure along with some fail safes to make sure you really wanted to continue the procedure. Not the case as soon as i started, the process continued until my current problem without me doing anything. (dooohhh). Now te only computer that i have that has a 3.5 in. drive is dead and the bios can only be loaded through this method… as far as i can tell. The elusive blue screen was captured on my digital camera as it was much too quick to read, but no error message showed. Probably not really necessary as i’m pretty sure its a bios issue.

  4. My HP 550 laptop is not booting normally instead it is rebooting continuously and flashes a blue screen. I cannot seem to troubleshoot default.

  5. my laptop is a vaio model. It shows the vaio logo and restarts and again shows the vaio logo and restarts…………….plzzzzz someone help me with this

  6. My computer isn’t booting properly at all times. CPU tested fine, Mem tested fine, Hard drives also test fine. with 2 hard drives connected, and all usb slots filled, computer will not boot. gets stuck with the windows load screen. with second hard drive disconnected, everything works great. With second drive connected, and usb stuff unplugged, pc boots, but second drive offline. with primary drive, disconnected, and using a Linux boot disk, computer boots, and second drive reads and works fine. Sometimes power supply makes noise, which goes away when wiggled. 2.2 gig dual core cpu, 2 gigs ram, and one 120 gig drive, and one 500 gig drive. not sure whats going on.

  7. hi, my acer lapi not booting up…just get restart after bios screen…
    No windows logo nothing..just black screen..Help me…:(

    1. Tap F8 when booting. Select Safe Mode. Once in Windows, try and determine what the problem is. If you recently installed something–remove it or try a system restore from the Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools area back to a date when it was working fine.

  8. My laptop started and crashed quite a few times before I remembered a tip from an IT friend; I grabbed an older laptop from storage and downloaded TDSSKILLER to a thumb drive. Booting up the ‘crashed’ computer with a Linux Live CD I ran the killer program, and a couple other antivirus suites for good measure and bingo! I was up and running again. Just for additional peace of mind I ran the antivirus programs again, and slammed on 2 spyware programs as well. Got myself a squeaky clean system now…..

  9. as i turn on my computer,i press F8 then it goes to safe mode and then as i enter safemode it turns back again to previous screen says your windows did not start successfully etc..i try last known good configuration,same thing happen,then i decide to reformat it,as reformatting was on run a blue screen message appear it says STOP: error 0x00000024..can you please help me? tnx Elmer

  10. I have a sony desktop vaio computer which is about 8 years old. Last year we loaded Macfee antivirus software. Recently my computer often froze while working on the Internet Explorer, the screen was either frozen or turned to blue with nothing on it. When it happened, I can only power off, then reboot. Sometimes, after rebooting it happened again. One other incident often occurred is from the Internet linked to Hotmail I got kicked out of the Internet, then I have to log on the Internet again. Is my computer too old to carry the load of the work? Please advise if any fix possible. Thanks.

    1. Ester, it is quite possible either your RAM (memory) or hard drive is failing. 8 Years for a computer is about 150 human years. I would seriously consider either buying a new computer or taking that one into the shop to see if they can do anything. But the money you’ll spend at the shop will be better spent toward a new computer. You can get a good PC for $500 these days.

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