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computer screen is blank

Dell monitor blank screen? You need to determine if the problem is the monitor or the PC. But it can also be caused by bad power and video cables, or even a bad power source. So if your monitor is blank, these steps should help you determine isolate the problem. Keep in mind there are a lot of factors that can contribute to a blank monitor, such as a bad video card, motherboard or power supply in the PC. On the monitor side, you could have issues with its power supply, cables or the LCD backlight itself.

Troubleshooting Dell Monitor Blank Screen

The first thing you should determine is if the monitor is a CRT or a flat panel. CRTs are older and prone to fail with buzzing sounds, such as a TV would. Flat panels can have a back light go, which means it needs to be replaced. You should check to make sure the monitor is getting power, then play with the buttons on the front to confirm the brightness is turned all the way up. If you still see nothing, disconnect the video cable from the computer and see if a monitor diagnostic image comes up on the screen. Most newer computer monitors will display this image when there is no power to the monitor. It is a way to easily tell users that the monitor is okay but that there is no signal coming from the PC. If you recall seeing this diagnostic in the past but it does not show now the monitor is probably bad. Try it on another PC if you can to confirm.

You should also go directly into an outlet and by-pass any power strips you might be using. Plugging into an electrical outlet you know works can help narrow your power issues. You should also check any external power supply the computer monitor might have. Depending on the model, some have the power located in the cable, just as a laptop would. If this is the case, there should be a light on the power supply indicating it is OK. If you have a standard power plug, try replacing that with another.

Dell Monitor Blank Screen

If you have determined the problem is with the computer, you should make sure all connections are secure. Remove both ends of the VGA cable and inspect the entire cable for damage. Confirm the pins are not bent and then reconnect the cable. If the computer has a second video input, try the second one. Occasionally, a computer will have an on-board graphics adapter as well as a card that was later added by the user. Try going back to the original and see if this help the Dell monitor blank screen. If so, you may need to tell the BIOS which output to use. If the monitor comes on when the PC first boots but then shuts off when Windows loads, you probably have a bad video driver. Try tapping the F8 key at boot to get into Safe Mode. From here, you can download a new graphics driver from the manufacturer or roll-back the old driver from within the Device Manager. If the Dell monitor blank screens from the instant you turn on the computer, you have a computer hardware problem that could be the graphics card, motherboard or even the power supply.

If you’re still experience Dell monitor blank screens, please read our other Dell tutorials for additional troubleshooting tips.

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