Fix For No Video On Monitor Screen

No video on monitor problems can be caused by several issues. While this is often a hardware problem with a video card, motherboard or even the cabling, there could be an issue with the configuration of Windows that is causing no video to be displayed. This can happen with a new install, an upgrade or even randomly for no apparent reason–usually because of an automatic update.

Troubleshoot No Video On Monitor Problem

To begin, you should quickly rule out the monitor by checking the brightness controls on the front panel of the monitor. Next, make sure the monitor is plugged in and has light on near the power button. Lastly, disconnect the monitor cable. You should see a diagnostic image on the screen, stating something like “No Signal.” This indicates the monitor is okay and cable of displaying video.

If you’re running Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can enter a low resolution mode to see if there are issues with your drivers. To enter this mode, restart the PC and begin tapping the F8 key. You should see the following menu. Select Advanced Boot Options screen, use the arrow keys to highlight Enable low-resolution video (640×480). You will then want to log into an account that has admin rights.

No Video On Monitor

Fix Blank Display

If you can suddenly see the Desktop, the no video on monitor problem is with your video adapter. Try updating the drivers. You can visit the manufacturer of the video card or PC and get the driver for your model. Download the driver and update it via the Device Manager of the Control Panel.

No Video Input On Monitor

If the above does not work, try a system restore. This should work if you previously had a display and can get into Safe Mode. To get into Safe Mode, tap the F8 key when booting and select Safe Mode from the boot options. Once Safe Mode loads, go to the Start button, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore. You will want to restore the computer to a date when you know the display was working properly.

The computer will reboot. You should now be able to see the Desktop. If you still have no video input on monitor, read though our other hardware tutorials or join our free forums for additional help.

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