HP Printers Troubleshooting

Installing, configuring and troubleshooting HP printer is easy with PCTechBytes Printer Tutorials. HP printers require special care and understanding how to use them can save you money by making it more efficient to print. While HP has be recognized as a leading computer manufacturer for many years, they also produce some of the best printers on the market. They have all-in-one models, laser models and standard ink jet models to suit all of your needs.

Installing HP Printers

Installing HP printers is pretty straight-forward, meaning they install like most standard USB devices. Your HP printer should have come with an installation disk. DO NOT PLUG IN THE PRINTER until after you run the disk. Doing so may cause the installation to fail. Once the software has been installed, plug in the USB cable and Windows will find the new hardware and load the device drivers you just installed.

Making Your HP Printer Default

Your HP printer should automatically go to the default printer if you do not already have a printer installed. To confirm that it is set to default, go to the Control Panel, then Printers. You may see a picture of your printer, and if it already has a check mark or default setting beside it, then it is already the default printer. If it does not, right click the printer then select Properties, then Set To Default.

Get Drivers for your HP Printer

With the recent release of Vista, or if you have lost your original driver disk for your HP printer, go to the HP website and download your latest drivers. You can remove your current printer or just update the driver in the Device Manager by right-clicking the printer and selecting Update Driver Software. Browse to the printer drivers you just downloaded and click OK.

Printers stuck in queue

One of the most frustrating problems with printers is when a print job gets stuck in the queue. This will often require a reboot to purge the queue, but you can sometimes pause the printing and then cancel the print job by clicking the double-clicking the printer and click “pause” then “cancel.”

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