This is a great example video from Newegg on how to build your own PC. We often encourage our readers to build their own computers so they get exactly the right PC for them. While it is convenient to buy a PC from a major brand name such as Dell or HP, building your own custom computer will provide you with a certain satisfaction and you’ll know the parts you buy are quality.

Build Your Own Computer

A few points to note for those who have never assembled their own computer. This video show some great tips on how to build a computer:

  • Notice how he assembles the computer outside of the case. It’s easier to work, the lighting is better and you have more room. He even tests to make sure the computer POSTs before installing it inside of the case.
  • Notice the small amount of thermal paste on the stock fan–that’s all you need. When he installs the after market heat sink and fan he uses a little more than I would have–but he explains why.
  • Notice how he installs the RAM in pairs and how he does not install them right beside each other. When installing RAM in pairs, use the 1 and 3 sockets, and then the 2 and 4 sockets together.
  • Lastly, take notice of that great case. I recently used the same case in my build. You are able to bottom mount the power supply and run the cables behind the motherboard to maximize airflow.

So use this tips and build your next computer. If you need help picking parts for your build please be sure to visit our forums and ask one of our experienced techs.