Customize The Windows 10 Start Menu

windows 10 start menu customization

You can easily customize the Windows 10 Start menu so that it gives you quick access to your most frequently used files and applications, and so that it provides an aesthetically pleasing way for you to navigate. The Windows 10 Start menu is a powerhouse, a far cry from the frustrating user experience we were forced to endure in Windows 8. The Start menu also allows you to add and remove tiles, change the way applications are listed and customize the colors. Here’s how you can give your Start menu the customized look and feel you prefer.

The Windows 10 Start Menu

right-click-menuBefore we get into the wonderful new Windows 10 Start menu, we first wanted to point out that you can simply right-click the start menu to bring up some of the most commonly used utilities in Windows. From the Control Panel to the Device Manager to Disk Management, right-clicking the Start menu will bring up a slew of utilities any power user can appreciate and can ultimately save you a click or two when navigating common areas.

Start Menu Customization

Navigate To Start>Settings>Personalization>Start to access the Start menu options in Windows 10. The customizable features are separated into several categories.

Most used apps: If enabled, this area will list your most commonly used apps for quick access.

Show recently added apps: If enabled, your most recently installed applications will appear here so you can quickly launch them for the first time.

Use Start full screen: This option is disabled by default, because enabling it will explode the tiles across the desktop a la Windows 8 Mode.

Show recently opened items in Jump Lists on Start or the taskbar: If enabled, right-click an item in the task bar to bring up a full menu of previous used documents, websites, music, pictures–depending on the icon you click on. Jump lists allow you to quickly navigate to your most frequently opened resources.

Choose which folders appear on Start: This link allows you to select various folders you use most often, such as Documents, Music, Downloads, Network, etc.

windows 10 start menu settings

You can also change the overall background color of the start menu to match your theme.


To change the Start menu background color in Windows 10, navigate To Start>Settings>Personalization>Colors and select the color you want from the color table.

Or if you decide you miss the old Windows 8 start menu look, you can make Windows 10 behave more like Windows 8.

windows 10 full start menu

Navigate to Start>Settings>Personalization>Start and then click on the option to Use Start full screen.

As you can see, there are many different ways to customize your Windows 10 Start menu to get the look, feel and functionality you need. If you have other tips for customizing the Start menu, let us know in our computer repair forums.

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