How To Use Storage Sense In Windows 10 To Free Up Disk Space

storage sense

Storage Sense in the Windows 10 April 2018 update is a great new feature that allows you to effortlessly free up disk space. This feature is especially important as solid state hard drives become standard, and disk space becomes a juggling act. The following will demonstrate the functionality of Storage Sense and how it can help you manage your bits.

Note, you will need Windows version 1803 to use Storage Sense. Type winver in the Windows search box and hit OK to find out what version of Windows you are running. If you do not have 1803 yet, download the Windows 10 April 2018 update here.

How To Use Storage Sense

To access Storage Sense, go to your search bar and type Storage Sense. You can also find the Storage utility in your Windows settings. You will see a summary of your hard drive (s) when you launch the utility. Here you will easily see which drives need maintenance to free up disk space. Toward the bottom of the window, you will see a switch to toggle Storage Sense on or off. It should be on by default.

storage sense

When you click the link that says Change how we free up space automatically, you can select When windows decides, or every day, week or month. This will instruct Widows when to automatically do its thing.

windows 10 storage sense

You can also specify when you want your temporary files deleted.

delete temporary files

Tell Windows Where To Save Files By Default


Another awesome feature of Storage Sense is having the ability to specify where you want to save your files by default. For example, in the past your Music files would default to your C drive Music folder under your user profile.

You can now tell Windows to save your music, documents, videos, maps, etc to any drive you specify. So if you have an external drive or a second hard drive in your PC, you can change the setting to that new location.

This will allow your smaller C drive to be used for Windows and system files.

To change these settings, go into your storage settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page, and then click the link that says Change where new content is saved. Use the drop down for each section to specify which drive you want to designate as the default location for those files.

Free Up Hard Drive Space In Windows

The Storage Sense feature in Windows version 1803 is a fantastic addition. While you can have done all of this in the past using Task Scheduler and other complicated techniques, Storage Sense makes the process effortless. So begin taking control of your space today!

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