Upgrading Issues With Windows 10 Update Version 1903

windows 10 update version 1903

Windows 10 was supposed to be the chosen one, the Operating System to finally bring peace and balance to the universe, but just as in Star Wars, the Anakin Skywalker of Operating Systems consistently struggles with its purpose and identity and seems to be slipping further and further toward the Dark Side.

OK, maybe that is a little extreme, but it seems that month after month, Windows Updates–the one thing that was supposed to be a seamless process going forward–is breaking machines or flat out not working. Microsoft usually does a good job of rolling these bad updates back with little to no data loss, but it is becoming frustrating when new Apps, such as the Xbox Games Pass for PC, rely on these Windows featured upgrades to work.

Windows 10 1903 Update Error and Fixes

As with most Windows Updates in the caveman eras of Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista, driver issues seem to be plaguing this upgrade. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend always removing any external USB devices (thumbdrives, external hard drives, printers, etc.) prior to attempting the 1903 upgrade.

Here are the most up to date, active issues you may be experiencing due to the upgrade to version 1903:

  • Windows Sandbox may fail to start with error code “0x80070002”
  • Loss of functionality in Dynabook Smartphone Link app
  • Display brightness may not respond to adjustments
  • Display brightness may not respond to adjustments

Recently Mitigated or Resolved Windows 10 Update version 1903 Issues:

Error attempting to update with external USB device or memory card attached – Workaround: This issue has been partially resolved but to ensure seamless update experience, the safeguard hold is still in place. In the short term, we recommend you do the following workaround to update to Windows 10, version 1903. Remove all external media, such as USB devices and SD cards, from your computer and restart installation of the Windows 10, version 1903 feature update. The update should then proceed normally.

Gamma ramps, color profiles, and night light settings do not apply in some cases – Workaround: If you find that your night light has stopped working, try turning the night light off and on, or restarting your computer. For other color setting issues, restart your computer to correct the issue.

Unable to discover or connect to Bluetooth devices – Workaround: Check with your device manufacturer (OEM) to see if an updated driver is available and install it.

Intel Audio displays an intcdaud.sys notification – Workaround: On the “What needs your attention” notification, click the Back button to remain on your current version of Windows 10. (Do not click Confirm as this will proceed with the update and you may experience compatibility issues.) Affected devices will automatically revert to the previous working configuration.

Additional Windows 10 Update Errors

We’ve seen additional errors, such as

Error code 0xC1900101 – This error code in particular is driver related. There are a couple of things you can try for this: Go into the Device Manager and right-click on each of your hardware devices and select Update Driver. You may find a device listed in there as Unknown and this is likely the culprit. But it’s a good idea to update them all, regardless. If that doesn’t work, go into your computer BIOS and disable all non-essential hardware, such as card readers, etc.

“Windows could not configure one or more system components. To install Windows restart the computer.” This error was also present during the Windows Update version 1809 and a workaround was posted here.

Microsoft is recommending people check these known issues prior to trying to upgrade to version 1903. The following is from Microsoft:

Current status as of June 11, 2019:

Windows 10, version 1903 is available for any user who manually selects “Check for updates” via Windows Update for all devices that do not have a safeguard hold. If you are not offered the update, please check below for any known issues that may affect your device. The recommended servicing status is Semi-Annual Channel.
You can find the most up to date notices of the Windows 10 Update version 1903 here.

13 thoughts on “Upgrading Issues With Windows 10 Update Version 1903”

  1. The problem is that I have installed the bloody update THREE TIMES so far, and I still get a notification that update 1903 is ready to install. Is part of the “improvement” in this upgrade that it needs to be CONSTANTLY installed in order for it to work? There are no error messages, just a continual system update notification.

    1. So when you type “winver” in the search box it says you have 1903 installed? That must be frustrating. I ultimately had to do a clean install of Windows 10 on one of my machines that couldn’t get the update installed properly.

  2. William P Kincy

    Tried 6 weeks ago and it failed likely because I use a Logitech dongle based mouse and keyboard. Patiently waited 6 weeks and tried again today. Again failure after nearly full update. Does Microsoft not know how to make 1903 compatible with commonly used peripherals?

  3. Ideally, you’ll be able to figure out what the unknown device is and install the driver software for it. While you can remove it from the Device Manager, it will only reappear when you restart the computer. It sees the hardware but does not know what it is.

  4. This windows 1903 update is a demon. I have Klisph speakers and I consistently have a random “depth charge” blast though my speakers. The computer I have is a new dell precision. I have tried several times to reinstall and finally, I had a Dell technician come out and replace the mother board. I even went in and turned off the internal speaker. It stopped for about four days and then BANG ! its back. This is horse hockey Micro Soft just can’t seem to get anything right with these roll outs. UGH what can I do ? ? ?

  5. I have a EVOO 11.6 Ultra thin Laptop and quite recently I was notified that the Version 1903 was ready for my device. But after I clean my laptop of un-necessary items and it downloads and begins the upgrade it stays on 0% for almost 7 hrs and this is getting ridicules how do we upgrade if it keeps preventing us to do so?

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