Add Folder Pictures in Windows 7

add picture to folder in windows 7

It’s always been possible to customize folder icons, but Windows 7 has made it extremely simple to add pictures to new folders. There are numerous reasons why you would want to do this. This type of tweak can be beneficial if you want to quickly access a certain music folder, or maybe allow your children to be able to find pictures and music and other items with ease. Personalizing your folders in Windows is yet another way Windows 7 has helped people make their Desktop and login their very own.

Add Pictures To Folders

Create a folder by right-clicking virtually anywhere and select New Folder. For ease, you might want to create this folder right on the Desktop.

  1. Right-click the folder and select Properties.
  2. Select the Customize tab.
  3. Choose what type of data will be in this folder–such as music or pictures.
  4. In the Folder Pictures section, click Choose File
  5. Browse to the location of the picture you want to use and click on the picture.
  6. Click Open, then click Apply

add picture to folder in windows 7

picture on folderYou will now notice that the bland folder you created on the Desktop now has the picture you selected on it.

It seems like a simple idea, but this is a great way to spice up the appearance of your Windows installation. If you have any questions on how to personalize your folders, or if you have techniques of your own, please be sure to share them with us.

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