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my computer to taskbar

Adding a toolbar to your taskbar is nothing new in Windows, but it is a simple tip that can save you time accessing important data on your computer. Why would you want a toolbar on your taskbar? If you access a lot of the same folders each day, you want to cut back on the redundancy of having to click through the Windows Start button and having to navigate through the various control panels. If you have the toolbar right on the taskbar, you can get to what you’re looking for in one or two clicks.

How To Add Toolbars In Windows 7

The following examples will show you how to add the My Computer and the Network toolbars to your taskbar. But the technique will work with most anything you want to add. To begin, right-click on the taskbar and select Toolbars.

my computer to taskbar

Then select New toolbar.

my computer to taskbar in windows 7

You will need to browse to the folder you want to choose as your new toolbar. Click My Computer in the left hand pane and click the Select Folder button.

my computer to taskbar in windows 7

My Computer will then be added as a toolbar in the taskbar area near the clock. Repeat the procedure for the Network folder or any other folders you routinely access.

my computer to taskbar in windows 7

When you’re done, you will see your new toolbars down by your system clock. Clicking the arrow will expand the toolbar and reveal the items inside. While this is a handy technique for accessing your system, just be careful not to get too carried away as your taskbar’s real estate is limited. In addition to My Computer and Network, the Control Panel is another handy toolbar to have in the taskbar area.

The following video demonstrates how to add both My Computer and the Network toolbars to the taskbar in Windows 7:

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions about how to add My Computer toolbar to taskbar in Windows 7 let us know.

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