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Windows 7 is a fast and clean Operating System–too clean some power users might say. You may want to show the Computer icon on your Windows 7 Desktop as it was in previous version of Windows. Showing the Computer icon on the desktop allows you quicker access to your partitions, homegroups and other network share locations. In addition, you can also use this technique to show other icons, such as the Control Panel, Network, User’s Files and Recycle Bin.

Methods of Showing Important Desktop Icons

The first way to do this is to right-click on an empty area of the Desktop and select Personalize.

Show Computer Icon

In the left hand column, click on Change desktop icons.

Check desktop icons

Under the Desktop Icons Settings, check the boxes beside the items you want to display on the Desktop. If you frequently access drives and folders, you will want the Computer icon. If you frequently tweak the system, you may also choose to display the Control Panel icon.

Another way to display these icons is through the Start menu. To begin, Click the Start button, and then right click Computer.

Show on Desktop

You can then place a check mark beside the entry Show on Desktop.

Adding these icons back to your Desktop is just one way to customize Windows 7 so it fits your workflow.

But some prefer the spartan look of a desktop with no icons. Fortunately, you can also add Computer to your taskbar. This will give you easy access and still keep your desktop free of icon clutter. To do this, simply right-click the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and then click Properties. Under the Toolbar tab, select this items you want to display on your taskbar. These are not icons–they are toolbar shortcuts.

Computer in taskbar

This will then display the items you checked in the lower-right corner of the screen, near your clock.

Let us know your favorite ways of customizing your Windows 7 computer to easily access important files and directories.

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  1. The ones on the lower right are actually toolbars, not icons. If you click the toolbar, it will open up and show you the contents. The icons on the left are shortcuts to programs that have been “pinned” to the taskbar.

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