Create A System Image In Windows 7

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You can create a system image in Windows 7 to quickly restore your PC to the condition it was when you created the image. Those that have a computer from a major brand such as Dell, HP or Acer are accustomed to using a disk image to recover their PC. You can now easily create a system image in Windows 7 once you have all of your programs installed and configured perfectly, thus saving you setup time in future re-installs. It’s best to do this as soon as you install Windows and know the system is virus-free, updated, and running perfectly.

Steps To Create A System Image In Windows 7

You can navigate to the Control Panel > System and Security > Backup and Restore or you can also click the Start button and type “backup” into the search bar.

Why Create A System Image In Windows 7

In the Backup and Restore Window, click the Create a system image link in the left-hand column.

Windows 7 backup image

You’ll next need to specify the location where you’ll save the image. We do not recommend saving the image to another partition on the same hard drive. If the hard drive fails, the image you created is gone. Instead, create the image on a secondary hard drive within the computer, an external hard drive, a place on the network, or span it across several DVDs.

Create A Windows 7 backup

When you create a system image in Windows 7, you need to specify which drive you want to create an image of. This will typically be the C: drive, which contains the Operating System and programs installed on the computer. You can include other partitions, but this will make the image larger and take longer to install.

Windows image

Windows will then begin the process of completing the backup. If you selected DVDs as your image option, you will be prompted to insert the first disk at this point.

Windows 7 image creation

Once this is complete, you will be asked if you want to create a system repair disk. We highly recommend taking the time to do this. The system repair disk will enable you to boot to the disk and restore your computer with the image you created during the above process.

Windows image

Just insert a disk and click the Create disk button to begin.

Why Create A System Image In Windows 7

It’s not a matter of “if” your hard drive will fail, but “when.” It’s not a matter of “if” you’ll get a virus, but “when.” Those of us that have been using computers for years realize disaster is inevitable. Now that you can create a system image in Windows 7 without having to use expensive programs such as Norton Ghost, you have no reason not to create this valuable backup option. So tweak your new system to perfection and create the backup image today! Read other popular Windows 7 articles here.

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