Disable Require Password After Waking

disable require password after waking

It’s possible to disable the requirement for a password after you wake your computer. Windows 7 will make you secure whether you want to be or not. But you can disable require a password after waking from sleep mode with a few clicks. Requiring a password after waking is highly recommended if you work in an office or public area where your privacy and security is important. Any barrier Windows can put between your files and information to the outside world is a benefit to you. But if this is a personal computer in your home, the advantage of this security feature becomes a nuisance.

Disable Require Password

To disable the password request when waking your computer, go to the Start button and type Power. You will see a link for the Power Options. Select Change Power-Saving Settings. Next, Click Require a password on wakeup and then in the ensuing Window select Don’t require a password at the bottom. Click Save Changes, and the settings will take effect.

disable require password after waking

Now when you touch your keyboard or move your mouse to wake up your PC, Windows will reappear as you had left it, without having to login again.

But again, security is such an important factor, you may want to keep this feature enabled. If you have a laptop that gets stolen or of you walk away from it for a short time, you certainly do not want a stranger tapping your keys and seeing what your were up to. Privacy is important, but security is essential in this world of mobile computing.

In addition to this, you should also make sure you have a secure password set. An insecure password is useless. Use a combination of numbers, letters and symbols that you can remember. More importantly, do not use the same password for everything you do.

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