Enter GodMode In Windows 7

GodMode is not a new discovery. It’s been a Windows 7 hack since the Operating System’s release. But we felt it was import to remind people it was available–especially technicians and power users who like to have all of Windows 7’s controls at their fingertips. GodMode doesn’t do anything for you that you couldn’t have done otherwise. It simply aggregates all major control in one convenient folder.

Enter GodMode In Windows 7

To enter GodMode in Windows 7, simply create a folder on your desktop and rename it to the following:


Once done, you will see it change from a folder to a Control Panel icon. Inside, you find dozens of your favorite controls.

godmode controls

GodMode doesn’t give you special rights or make you an invincible admin as the video game terminology might suggest, but you should use it if you want to be more productive and cut back on the time it takes to sift through Windows 7’s labyrinth of  control panels.

Enter GodMode in Windows 7 and let us know what you think.

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