How To Make A Windows 7 Recovery Boot Disk

Do you need to make a Windows 7 recovery boot disk? Yes. It is essential for techs and end-users to have access to Windows 7 recovery options if it fails to boot. While most techs will have a full install disk, many users will not. In fact, many users don’t have any recovery disks, as they have purchased a new computer with Windows 7 pre-installed. That is why this disk is important. If Windows fails to load, you will need some way of booting into a mode that will give you options to load a restore point, run diagnostics or automatically repair issues you are having with start-up. This disk will not reload your Operating System, so users are still encouraged to burn recovery disks as instructed by the PC manufacturer.

How To Make a Windows 7 Recovery Boot Disk

To make a Windows 7 Recovery Boot Disk, simply go into the Control Panel and look under the System and Security section for “Back up your computer.”  Once you click that, you will see an option off to the left to “Create a system repair disk.”

Follow the prompts to make the disk using a blank DVD. Once the disk is made, try rebooting the computer.  The boot disk should launch and present you with the following screen:

Make a Windows 7 Recovery Boot Disk

We encourage users to take a moment to make a Windows 7 recovery boot disk, as it could be their only option of repair in the event their computer goes down. Backing up your system, creating restore points and having a way to access them is all part of having a successful recovery plan. Without the Windows 7 recovery boot disk, you may be forced to reinstall Windows if you get locked out of your computer. If you need more information on how to make a Windows 7 recovery boot disk, join our free forums and ask or read our other Windows 7 tutorials.


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