For those of us that can still get excited about a computer mouse, The Microsoft Touch Mouse was recently announced. Due to release in June of 2011, the new Microsoft Touch Mouse brings gestures to Windows 7 computing. Mac users have had this ability for some time with the Magic Mouse. It was received with mixed emotions and many users that couldn’t adapt to the Magic Mouse ultimately ended up throwing it against the wall. But those that stuck with it, slowly realized it was a valuable tool for surfing the Internet and navigating their computer.

The Microsoft Touch Mouse hopes Windows 7 users will embrace the new mouse and its capabilities.

Microsoft Touch Mouse

Features Of The Microsoft Touch Mouse

The Microsoft Touch Mouse has a lot of great features. You can use one finger, two finders or even three fingers to scroll and issue commands:

  • One Finger Gestures – Vertical and horizontal scrolling. Any direction scrolling and page forward and back scrolling.
  • Two Finger Gestures – A two-finger left or right gesture will snap left or right, or move a Window to the left or right. A two-finger slid upward will maximize or minimize a window.
  • Three Finger Gestures – Sliding three fingers up or down will enter the task switching mode or the show desktop mode.

The Touch Mouse utilizes BlueTrack Technology, making it easy to use without a mouse pad. It also has a tiny nano transceiver (2.4GHz wireless) that snaps into the bottom of the mouse for easy storage. Microsoft has always produced great keyboards and mice and the new Touch Mouse looks like it will also be a big hit.

You can read more info on this computer mouse and be ready to plop down your $79.99 (estimated cost) when it becomes available at the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Touch Mouse Demonstration:

Let us know what your opinions of Microsoft Touch Mouse are–especially those that have used the Apple Magic Mouse.