Recycling and Shred Gadget For Your Desktop

recycle bin

You can add a nifty Recycle Bin gadget for your desktop that doubles as a file shredder. The gadget is from Home Cooked Gadgets and allows you to put in documents and files that you want to toss (and maybe later get back) or Shred them, which means they will be overwritten so many times they cannot be recovered.

Recycling Files

Just as in real life, you can reach into the Recycle bin and get something you threw out a few days ago. Just double-click to open the Recycle Bin to view your documents, then right-click them and select Restore to recover them.

Shredding Files

The shredder works differently. Anything you put in there is gone forever. So if you have a top secret file that no one must ever see, click the arrows at the top of the gadget to switch to Shred mode.

shred filesThere is also a Delete mode which means files a permanently deleted but might be recovered with special software. The difference between Shred and Delete is shredding overwrites the data several times so it is essentially unrecoverable.

  1. Easy drag/drop files and folders to the bin
  2. Choose from any color for the glass for each bin
  3. Quick switch between bins via arrows on bin
  4. Custom size for dock/undock mode
  5. Choose when to show confirmation
  6. Shredder that will delete and shred selected files/folders securely so they can’t be recovered even with recovery software

Download the gadget from Home Cooked Gadgets

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