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Reset Windows 7 PasswordYou can reset your Windows 7 password using the password reset disk. A password reset disk is a utility that allows a user with an Administrator’s account to create a reset option using removable media such as a flash drive or floppy disk. Anyone that has access to the reset disk will be able to reset the password, so be sure to put the disk in a safe place. Aside from the reset disk, there is no other way to recover a Windows 7 password unless you reinstall the Operating System. Granted, there are shady programs that claim to be able to crack lost passwords, but they are difficult to find and hard to use. Certainly, the best way to recover a Windows 7 password is to be proactive and create the reset disk in advance.

Create A Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

You’ll need to access the user accounts area by going to the Control Panel. Look for User Accounts and Family Safety and then click User Accounts. Make sure your removable media is inserted. In the Windows to the left, click on Create a Password Reset Disk and then choose Next. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Resetting The Password

If you are trying to reset a password in Windows 7, you will need the reset disk you created in the steps above. After you type an incorrect password, you will see the “Reset Password” option. Make sure the disk you created is in the drive. Follow the instructions to reset Windows 7 password, then log-in with your new password.

For tips on how to create a secure password you can remember, be sure to follow our password recommendations. You can have a complex password and still remember it if you use our techniques. You will not need to reset Windows 7 password if you come up with a system that works.

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  1. Aspire V5 531 series,password is not accepted.Gives the hint (birthplace) ,have tried all variations (all caps,state abbrevited and written out,)still no luck.Computer has been innactive for 6-8 months,but worked then

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